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Reckless Ruckus
Aug 29 @ 2:39pm
Aug 29 @ 3:25pm

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Official Launch
Server Down for Maintenance
Release date: September 2nd, 2014
Reckless Ruckus is a tactical role-playing card game with intense PvP and PvE battle.

Explore the mystical fantasy setting and conquer an array of dungeons.
Enjoy the game's charming yet enchanting visuals.
Grow bonds with your cards by leveling up and upgrading skills.
Play as different classes to gain access to unique cards.
Quests and achievements provide endless rewards for all players.
Analyze an opponent's strategy and counter attack with your own formation.
Keep track of your progress and dominance on the ranked leader-boards.
Make new friends and assist them in dungeon quests.
Join your faction against all foes on massive scale server wars.

Join us today!
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sslrranma Oct 12 @ 4:08pm 
I play this on armor games. Web Apps don't need Steam support. Also, Work on the translation, and don't use Warcrafts art resources. Make your own.
facemelt Oct 7 @ 12:40am 
This game is awesome! Very addicting also :P. I would easily recommend to try it. If you do, use this code when you register: 017NBIP with this code you get alot of gold and some items that are otherwise reasonably hard to get enough of (every 10 levels into your ingame mailbox). Enjoy!
marcin91sk Oct 2 @ 10:45am 
New server started today (s4), this is ref code 999N6VJ , write it when create character and u recive gift lvl1, lvl 20, lvl40 and so on
MY NaMe iS : Oct 1 @ 9:26pm 
zaduna Oct 1 @ 11:20am 
nice Voted
Gonza_jp Sep 25 @ 11:04am 
Justice-Trains Sep 20 @ 10:37am 
Blackout Sep 19 @ 3:15am 
I play on Kong and it's a well made game, but I think you're in for trouble unless you get licensing sorted. You could easily sell this if you'd change the characters.
MerlinCross Sep 18 @ 12:05am 
Facebook game that forces you to bring more people into the game if you want bonuses, auto run battles since I can't be bothered to actually play myself, and visuals look like chibifed WoW characters(When they aren't trying to show nicely drawn fanstasy clothed women).

This is an insult good sir and I hope you don't get greenlit so you can shuffle back to the den of Facebook or Googleplay.
Jung Sep 17 @ 4:41am 
Nice !!!!!