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The Black Watchmen
Aug 29 @ 2:45pm
Sep 18 @ 2:23pm
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Between Fiction and Reality lies the exhilarating Fear of the Unknown…

Game type: Science Fiction / Rated M for Mature (Horror) - Alternate Reality Game

As an agent, you will join The Black Watchmen, a paramilitary group that provides security services and specialized intervention to protect the public from dangerous phenomena beyond human understanding: ritualistic murder, occult secret societies, and the paranormal, to name but a few.

The Black Watchmen will be a persistent ARG, a puzzle solving game. The strength of an ARG is the community that is built around it. People from around the world will have to collaborate to solve puzzles and accomplish various missions - some virtual, some real - in cities across the globe! If your next clue is hidden in Moscow, the community is your only chance of solving the puzzle without flying to Russia... or fly to Moscow to live the real-life experience - the only limitation to how you complete a mission is your imagination!

The Features
  • Fully-interactive storylines
  • Real-world immersive gaming experience
  • Trans-platform operation, using web, cell phones, IRC, Twitch, real locations, and more
  • Comic book edition based on players actions and mission highlights
  • Total transmedia experience with professional actors and game designers
  • International cooperative play to explore the story, solve puzzles, and complete missions
  • User-generated story content/plots/scenarios/action

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Adam241 Oct 21 @ 8:59am 
✯AwesomeRūdis Oct 14 @ 11:29am 
Cool game
TheSnarkKnightRises Oct 8 @ 11:41am 
Sounds pretty interesting. Kinda reminds me of the SCP Foundation a bit, but in a good way. Can't wait till this comes out.
kenzy Oct 8 @ 7:20am 
Idilyon Oct 4 @ 2:43pm 
DoTy ╰_╯ Oct 4 @ 3:28am 
best !
ClicK Cl@cK booM Oct 2 @ 6:58pm 
this one game
jacysun Sep 30 @ 10:21am 
holycoool( ⊙ o ⊙ )
andrea.doyon  [author] Sep 28 @ 7:37am 
Thank you all for your support!!! =) Now it's time to ship the Kickstarter goodies and start working! You can join the forums for more update:
Konmael Sep 27 @ 4:06pm 
hooorray !