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Aug 25 @ 6:39pm
Sep 13 @ 12:36am

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ODD Games & Top 50!!!
Release date: Late 2014
BUILT is a first person town survival game focusing on building rather than resource gathering.

Gather your resources then construct buildings, weapons and ships to protect your town against the empire, raiders and monsters.

Visit to see the latest playable version of BUILT.

You are washed ashore after being shipwrecked with little hope of return to your home town... you must establish a new home on this strange island. You must decide whether you move inland and risk being attacked my various creatures or even a frontal assault from The Empire or build on the shore and be an easy target for raiders.

Initially you must gather/mine resources so you can start construction of your first home, chopping down trees, collecting stone, grass for thatching etc.

Materials can later be crafted into finer materials that are stronger and provide more resouces to let you build bigger buildings.

Eventually you'll have enough resources to start building your town in the hopes of attracting villagers who will gather, refine and fight for their town.

If you get this far... you'll be able to construct your ship and venture forth to the other islands to explore new towns, gather new resources or kill raiders.

Character Concept
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Sep 9 @ 11:08am
the game needs to be FreeToPlay for a while
Aug 31 @ 4:47am
Excuse me, the game will join pets?
Sep 9 @ 11:09am
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hiisileiri 5 hours ago 
looks nice. id probably play it.
The Rhyme Spyme [snipars] Sep 17 @ 3:58pm 
Needs more work, also sound? It looks to have potential. Voting based off what it could be.
Podi Sep 17 @ 3:24pm 
Bad handling. Downvoted
sammerblammer~_~ Sep 17 @ 2:41pm 
i agree with a few of the other comments. ill vote for what is to come.
gjpo18 Sep 17 @ 2:36pm 
As someone said below my comment. I am voting for what you are going to make in the future, not really for what there is right now.
Wish you the best!
Erza Scarlett Sep 17 @ 2:49am 
Nice creativity game. But need a little improvement on the graphic and details. U have my thumbs up vote. Keep up the good work! :)
SinisterSpydio Sep 16 @ 10:10pm 
It looks like this game has a good future, great ideas are happening, but it's not anywhere near finished by the looks of it. You have my up-vote, but only because i like what you are going to make, and not what is already made.
Orbnotacus Sep 15 @ 5:40pm 
I like that you can attract villagers that will automatically gather materials. That would be VERY nice to have in any survival game, so long as it's balanced right.
Alest Sep 15 @ 1:51pm 
Needs about 200% more work. Downvoted
Oxxy Sep 14 @ 11:53pm 
Three videos of someone building something. There is absolutely nothing compelling here..