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Kolt - Command Console Pack
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Aug 23, 2014 @ 9:19am
Oct 8, 2014 @ 6:39am
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Kolt - Command Console Pack

Command Console Pack

Fixed DX11 version, with working animations. (A milion thanks to Eikester)

Now survival ready!

Note that this is sort of beta still. there are no normal maps, some textures are placeholders, and there will be some texture changes in general to come, also some new stuff will be added, more and larger monitors and holo screens probably.

Current Content:

-Consoles: Function as configurable button terminals and control panels.
-Consoles with chairs: Cockpits.
-Monitors: Cosmetic
-Single button interfaces for large ships: A wall mounted and a standing version, for your lifts and doors and such.

v : 1.0
Initial release.

v: 1.1
Fixed mirroring, I hope :D.

Added small red lights to the 4 button terminals. Also the button order should be the same as the original button terminals, no numbers though cos I haven't came up with any brilliant ideas for it, that wouldn't look crappy. There are small lines on the button if you look real close.

V: 1.2
Construction steps added!

Also added an inverted switch stand as requested. Will make a different one out of this later on.

V. 1.3
Wall mounted button panel fix.

Another hud cockpit with a flight controll style overlay.

G menu categories.

Fixed DX11 version, with working animations. (A milion thanks to Eikester)

Source files for the project: (Friendly warning, the maya files are a bit messy, a bit..)
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The Chicken McNuggets 7 hours ago 
A person will even say WHY its 'broken' and nobody listens.
The Chicken McNuggets 7 hours ago 
Why even add a description of tards cant read?
snowskijunky Aug 6 @ 9:24am 
It is absolutely mind boggling how many people don't read the description on this mod. I mean there is a solid 25 pages of people complaining about the textures not working in dx11. If you read the first two sentences of the description, you will clearly see there is a version that works with dx11.
NumberMaple Aug 5 @ 7:52pm 
bugged textures
=RrD=AndyMac Aug 2 @ 5:07pm 
Please fix texture for DX11... Would love to put this mod in my ships..
Cpt.Ramirez Jul 30 @ 9:28am 
the textures are bugged with direct x 11, if you cna downgrade to dx9 the textures will appear
Dr.Wolf Jul 27 @ 3:07am 
The textures are bugged.
zoumaii Jul 3 @ 8:57am 
same problem, textures please
Pierce Jul 2 @ 3:41pm