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Trouble In The Manor
Aug 20 @ 12:35pm
Aug 22 @ 6:59pm

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We've been successful on Epocu!
51% of the way there!
Release date: Q4 2014


Thanks to everyone who has voted so far on the game! But we could really use your help getting funds on our Kickstarter campaign!
We've been doing awesome so far on Steam Greenlight but we need more people to start pouring in funds to help us get the game off the ground and rolling!

Spread the word to everyone you know so we can help make this game the best it can possibly be for online gamers everywhere!

In a distant haunted manor, 10 strangers wake up to find themselves trapped amongst each other. They must fight for their lives in the struggle of good versus evil. The village people do not dare come near, as they believe the original owner, Count Murdock who passed away over a century ago, has turned into a vampire and still resides within the buildings basement, attempting to steal the souls of anyone who dares tremble within the manor walls.

The Online Multiplayer Experience
Trouble In The Manor is an online arena horror indie game set in a haunted manor, which will be available for Steam on PC's and mobile devices such as: iOS and Android. Mac and Linux availability is included in a stretch goal on our Kickstarter campaign, as well as Ouya, Wii U and Xbox One exports.

The game is set up so you can join and host matches without the need to port forward. Each match can hold up to 10 people (since there are 10 characters in the game).

There are many game modes that will be included with the game, but the main game mode is "Murder". The "Murder" game mode is inspired from the Garry's Mod game mode: "Trouble In Terrorist Town" and from the board game we all know and loved growing up: "Clue".

The Main Mode: Murder
The "Murder" game mode consists of up to 10 players, with a select percentage of those players being chosen as murderers, and the rest as bystanders. Settings like these can be optimized when creating a match.

A murderers job is to kill as many bystanders as possible without getting caught. If you are caught or called out as a murderer, a bystander has the right to mow you down by any means necessary. Murderers must make sure to get rid of any evidence they leave behind such as DNA and blood trails, by either washing the floor or hiding the body of the person(s) they killed.

A bystanders job is simple, stay alive and kill any murderers they catch in the act, or ones that are called out by other bystanders.

Players have the ability to use the in-game store to purchase items depending on what side they are.

A murderer can purchase items such as guns, melee weapons, flamethrowers, teleporters, traps, and more.

Bystanders are able to purchase items as well as weapons and tools to help them catch murderers (DNA Devices, Blood Devices, Laser Detection Devices, etc.).

Items can be purchased with gold which can be found by looking in random locations on the map such as drawers and cabinets and shelves. Gold can also be obtained from killing someone from the other team.

One of the most special items a murderer can buy is the key to a coffin in the basement which houses Count Murdock, an ancient vampire who seeks the blood of the living.

Once a murderer releases Count Murdock from his coffin, the vampire will teleport to a random bystander's location and attempt to bite him/her. If you are bitten once, your health drains over time until an antidote is found. If you die, you are transformed into a vampire, ready to reek havoc on other bystanders and do the murderers a favor. Playing as a vampire and collecting new victims will help increase your score on the scoreboards.

Other Game Modes
There are many more game modes that will be available if certain stretch goals are met on our Kickstarter campaign:
  • Hide And Seek: Seek a set amount of people that hide within the manor
  • Deathmatch: A simple arena shooting game mode known all across the land
  • Vampiric: A zombie-esque game mode where you try to spread the vampyric virus across the manor.
  • Capture The Flag: Capture an enemy teams flag and attempt to bring it to your zone without dying

Cross compatibility and platforms
The game is meant to be played fully compatible across ALL available platforms.
This includes being able to play against PC players on mobile devices, and vice versa, as well as console players.

Depending on how our stretch goals are met, we are hoping to have (at least) the following platforms available:
  • Windows (DRM-Free to backers, and Steam)
  • iOS
  • Android

Considering the stretch goal on our Kickstarter campaign, these are the other possible platforms the game could go under:
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Ouya
  • Xbox One
  • Wii U
  • PS4 (not part of stretch goals but can be met in the future)

We are hoping to retail the game at around $4.99 to $5.99.

Beta Version
A beta version for the PC will be available to backers who pledge a minimum of $5 on Kickstarter.
You will help to report and test possible bugs in the game to help further the enjoyment of the online experience.
As well this would be an early access version of the game only accessible to backers.

We Need Your Votes!
We feel that there are not as many online multiplayer games quite like this one out there, we wanted to create something
unique to both ourselves and to gamers around the world.

You can view the official website for Trouble In The Manor here:

And again here is our Kickstarter link! We need your help!
Click this to go to our Kickstarter campaign and pledge a donation!j

Please help us arrive on the Steam platform!
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"Murder" is very similar to how TTT works but there are more features to it (such as the "Vampire" in the basement feature for example).

There are also going to be more game modes.
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█░░ Valve ░░░█
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Looking good, love the concept :)
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dang late to the kickstarter
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looks awsome!
jaybdd Oct 6 @ 1:47am 
I like the retro style and the look of the gameplay.
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Exactly what i wanted, a game like corpse party, but multiplayer!