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Dragon's Wake

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Dragon's Wake will be at PAX Prime!
Release date: First half 2015
NOTE: The art style is being reworked. The current trailer will not be representative of the final look of the game.

Dragon's Wake is a 2D Adventure Platformer where you play as a newly hatched dragon.

Your wings are a part of you. Learn to fly and discover the beauty, wonders and dangers of this new world.

Evade your foes as you navigate the caverns. Hunt for food and rain fire from above. Make new friends and defeat your enemies.

This is a tale told without words, where your actions can shape the outcome.

Official Site[]

Additional Notes:
All screenshots and footage are from a Pre-Alpha build, and so may not represent the final quality of the game.
Dragon's Wake does not use any text or voice acting in the game, so it should be playable by people of any language.

I hereby grant permission to anyone wishing to use footage from the game or promotional materials (e.g. trailers and screenshots) for Dragon's Wake in youtube videos. I also grant permission to anyone wishing to monetize said videos. Go nuts guys. :)
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Garlo Dec 11 @ 1:04am 
You can thank Calum, Zak and Tim (@ AIE in Canberra) for giving this a shout out, otherwise I wouldn't have known it was here. As far as the Alpha build trailer looks, I'd say you're doing great with it. Can't wait to see it AND play it on Steam. Keep up the awesome work. :D -Brenden H.
P.S. I'm also a huge fan of almost anything that includes dragons! :P
Brainbox Software  [author] Nov 25 @ 3:14pm 
Dragon's Wake is being developed in Unity, using the new 2D tools.
I also hope that it will be released before July, but it's hard to predict the future. With a team this small, any kind of unexpected event can have a big impact on development time. Wish me luck!
ConcealedToast Nov 23 @ 1:59pm 
So, what program are you using? I'm currently working in game maker. I cannot wait to play this!
SkyDrake Nov 21 @ 12:12pm 
Still waiting for the game to come out. Hope "First half 2015" won't be 30th of Juny xD
Drakkath Aethas Nov 20 @ 12:52pm 
Great to hear some news about the progress!

- Aethas
Juiceboy Nov 6 @ 2:06am 
Played the game at Pax Aus, Lots of fun! Looking forward to a finished product!
Brainbox Software  [author] Nov 3 @ 2:38pm 
Hello again eveyone. PAX Aus may be over, but Dragon's Wake is only getting started!

As those of you who had the chance to play the game at PAX Aus may have noticed, there have been some improvements to the way the game looks, mainly with the way lighting works. The trailer and screenshots have not yet been updated, but they will be soon.

Stay tuned! :)
Darkasavr Nov 3 @ 1:52am 
Greetings from PAX! :)
Zenmetsu Nov 1 @ 3:16am 
Played it during PAX Aus, defenitly an interesting concept with evolution and transformations as a base for the gameplay, would like to see more! PS, wish there was a nature of good/evil transformations based on what you eat? Good luck with the development :) -Ralph
xbladeist Oct 10 @ 7:42pm 
Looks like fun. Would definitely play it.