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The Last Days of the Third Age
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Aug 13, 2014 @ 9:27am
May 19 @ 1:08pm
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The Last Days of the Third Age

Tolkien-based mod for «Mount&Blade» and «Mount&Blade: Warband».

You can also get the mod without using Steam by going to our nifty download page[].

For updates and feedback you can go to our ModDB page or follow us on Twitter.

Available in the following languages:
Türkçe (97%)
Polski (95%)
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Test Tube 8 hours ago 
Cheat menu was removed a couple versions ago I think.
W1NTER_SOLD1ER 9 hours ago 
cheat menu doesnt seem to do anything anymore ?
PhantomSoul 10 hours ago 
Great it worked! Thank you for your help guys. :) Im so exited xD
W1NTER_SOLD1ER 10 hours ago 
does this mod play like mount and blade now or is it still that rigid version where you can't have proper campaign or story ? so much potential here. really wish to re download
PhantomSoul 10 hours ago 
Thanks ill try again and report. Maybe this will fix the issues. Sadly cant play any mission or any battle. This mod looks super great tho so its worth a try
Test Tube 12 hours ago 
@PhantomSoul, make sure it downloaded fully. Steam lets you play before the download is complete. I'd suggest unsubbing, then resubbing and clicking the downloads button at the bottom until it's definitely completed.
Joe[VI] 13 hours ago 
That's odd, I can play it fine and I've installed it a few minutes ago. perhaps you need to reinstall the mod or something? I dont know man, apologies for not being able to help. On a different note, is there a way I can join a lord's army as a soldier or something? I just think it'll be a little more fun if it was possible.
PhantomSoul 13 hours ago 
This mod looks soooo interesting.. most of it doesnt work tho. I have a complete fresh installation of m&b warband and almost every single fight does give me a crash or nothing happens at all and i have to stare at an empty map while being able to move the camera with wasd. Sad but true.. thanks for trying tho.
Joe[VI] 15 hours ago 
while I haven't tried the mod out yet, and I'm going to, I'd really like to thank the mod developer(s) for working hard on such a fine looking mod. I'm sure I'll enjoy it for a long while to come :D
Top gamer 16 hours ago 
I for some reason do not have Russian language