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Stash: No Loot Left Behind
Aug 12, 2014 @ 12:52pm
Nov 26, 2014 @ 5:04pm
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CLASSES in Stash: Warrior, Healer, Elementalist, Hunter and more to come.

The backbone of any adventuring group is the warrior. Warriors provide excellent defense for the entire group and learn special tactics to keep the attention of foes upon themselves and away from their allies. This is especially important for members with limited defenses or with the need to channel arcane or mystical powers.

The heart of a warrior is one that strives for perfection with arms and the glorious challenge of physical combat. As straightforward as the duties of this profession may be, mastering the way of the warrior can be as complex as any other class.
  • Tanking and Melee Damage.
  • Plate and Chain Armor.
  • Shield Use.
  • Great Weapons.
  • Dual Wielding.
  • War Cries.


The heart of every adventuring group is the healer. With a healer in the group, other classes are magnified in effectiveness. In addition to the healing powers they possess, healers are able to grant a variety of physical and mental enhancements to themselves and their group.

The manipulation of life energies also allows healers to stun or hold enemies, and to be particularly dangerous to undead. The most powerful and gifted healers can even breathe life back into the bodies of their fellow adventurers.
  • Healing, Crowd Control, Buffing.
  • Chain and Leather Armor.
  • Shield Use.
  • Spells.
  • Bane of Undead.


Elementalists manipulate the basic essences of the world in mystical and magical ways. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water all answer to the call of these spell casters. Elementalists can specialize in a single element or dabble in multiple.
  • Air Elementalists specialize in stunning their opponents and damaging them with bursts of air or storms of lightning.
  • Fire Elementalists specialize in spectacular bursts of fire that can set multiple foes ablaze.
  • Water Elementalists specialize in summoning torrents of water and ice to batter or drive an enemy away.
  • Earth Elementalists call upon the ground itself to trap or bash their foes into submission.
Their mystical abilities stem from inherent talent are strict training. Only those who truly feel the calling can climb to the highest levels of power.
  • Ranged Damage and Crowd Control.
  • Light Armor (dusters, robes, bracers).
  • Spells.
  • Powerful Area of Effect Abilities.
  • Elemental Walls and Pools that change the battlefield.


Hunters are agile fighters who strike with precision and skill. They are masters of both ranged and close combat and use a variety of weapons and tools for the job. They can be deceptive and unpredictable in combat, and have the ability to severely hinder and harry their foes.

Hunters possess an uncanny knowledge of living outdoors whether it the city or the wilderness. These survival skills can be incredibly useful for themselves or a party. Through training and innate talent, they can live in harmony with their surroundings.
  • Ranged and Melee Damage.
  • Debuffs and Utility.
  • Ringmail and Leather.
  • Dual Wielding.
  • Stealth.
  • Combat Pets.

Why Four Classes at Launch?

We want all four launch classes to be really fun and awesome, with many build options and ways to specialize your character. We want our classes to play very differently from each other and have unique roles on a team. We also want each class to have a distinctive look, with varied silhouettes and ability animations.

Why These Four Classes?

These four classes cover all the most vital areas: tanking, healing, crowd control, buffing, debuffing, utility, and damage. They also fit the lore of Stash very well and provide a great foundation for future classes and hybrids.

Our design process at Frogdice is to build basic prototypes and then iterate like crazy on them. That's the same strategy we have for classes: build four amazing classes, and then iterate on that by adding more.

Classes on Our Drawing Board

We already have a bunch of classes on our radar for future development. Some of them even have quite a bit of design behind them. We have no ETAs for these at all, but I will share them so you have an idea of where we are headed.
  • Bard: Incredible buffs, supplementary healing, good debuffs, some damage, and some fun roleplay oriented "fluff" abilities.
  • Alchemist: Damage, buffs, and debuffs through chemistry and mixtures.
  • Paladin: Tanky warriors who can also heal and provide buffs or debuffs via auras.
  • Necromancer: Students of the power of death, they use undead servants to do their bidding. They also utilize tainted elemental conduits to wield spells and magic.
  • Psion: Damage and debuffs by attacking the minds and molecular structure of their enemies.
  • Monk: Hand to hand combat specialists who primarily dish out damage. They are not tanks, as they lack abilities to control enemies and the battlefield, but they are very hard to kill.
We are also open to ideas and will certainly respond to the interests of the community.

With our max party size of 6, the potential combinations of classes and roles are enormous. You can play to the strengths of your party when choosing where to explore and how to fight. Multiple tanks? Lots of healing? Little or no healing? Tons of crowd control? Tons of buffs and debuffs? Massive damage? Balanced? You are not locked into a specific combination of classes or roles when building an excellent and highly effective party.

STASH over 50% funded on Kickstarter. Help us finish it off!
Release date: Alpha: December 2014, Beta: March 2015, Launch: Summer 2015
Stash is a multiplayer online RPG with turn based, tactical grid based combat, an incredible housing system, an engaging story shaped by its players, and much more. It takes place in the high fantasy world of Primordiax: the game world of all Frogdice games.

In many ways, Stash is the graphical successor to Threshold RPG: our text based, role play required game still in operation after 18+ years (since 1996). Stash's core features include:
  • Turn based combat on a tactical grid.
  • Housing: Stash your treasures in your personal Base of Operations, which you can build and upgrade from bedroll to fortress.
  • Crafting: Use, sell, or enter items into competitions.
  • Massive character customization via class, race, build, gear, cosmetics, costumes, pets, mounts, and more.
  • Cool world story with a unique twist. Players affect the world and the story.
  • Hand crafted as well as procedurally generated/random dungeons.
  • Huge world with hundreds of unique locations, tons of monsters, and epic amounts of loot.
  • Clans: form with friends and compete for dominance as well as optional solo or group PvP.
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    How can we spread the word about Stash?
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    Tytykeys Apr 12 @ 11:01am 
    I really can't Wait ill this comes Out!!!!
    Jefrrix Apr 10 @ 2:47pm 
    Vote on LInux :)))))))
    Fu Apr 2 @ 7:58am 
    Lucky Mar 22 @ 2:28am 
    Frogdice  [author] Mar 10 @ 8:35pm 
    Thanks loofyd!
    loofyd Mar 6 @ 1:58am 
    owk , thanks! :)
    I hope yer game succeeds to the fullest!
    Frogdice  [author] Mar 5 @ 10:58pm 
    Cool. I'm glad that explanation made sense. :)

    Right now we have no plans for an open beta. Industry research has shown that most open betas result in a very low percentage of quality feedback. Most participants are just curious about the game and often make final judgements based on an in complete product.

    We feel we will get better feedback from players if they have some skin in the game.

    The way to get beta access is to pick up the Citizens package here:

    And if you want to get alpha access, you will want to get the Founder's package.

    Thanks for being excited about the game! :)
    loofyd Mar 5 @ 2:10pm 
    thamks. its clear now. i pray for a successful launch of this game!
    when can we expect open beta??
    Frogdice  [author] Mar 5 @ 1:54pm 
    It's Pay What You Want. I feel like the explanation on the kickstarter does the best job.

    You can play for free, but we assume if you like the game enough and play long enough, you'll eventually choose to buy something.

    Our Citizen and Founder's Packs give you a bunch of virtual currency and other awesome items. They are a tremendous value. They also get you alpha/beta access.

    I hope that all makes sense. :)
    loofyd Mar 5 @ 4:24am 
    ok. can you somewhat explain the monetization model for this game?
    your kickstarter was a bit confusion. i'd like a LAYMAN's explanation please!