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Ancient Siege v.0.5.0
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Sep 1, 2014 @ 2:45pm
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Ancient Siege v.0.5.0


    Update v.0.5.0
    Now its done! Traps!
      • New trap system
      • Fixed much bugs
      • Rebalancing
      • Map upgrade


    New system may contains much bugs, great disbalances, corrupted skills. Please, report it all, you will help to fix it!

      Please, rate it if you like! I need your help!
      Если мод Вам понравился, пожалуйста, оцените его в мастерской. Мне нужна Ваша помощь!
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    Great siege of radiant fort with waves of creatures, heroes, creeps and much more. Beautiful and hard map, try to stay alive.

    Public lobby password: siege

    • Loot system
    • Three classes, spellshop system
    • Unique buffs system
    • Living ancient
    • New units and buildings
    • Active traps

    Beforehand, sorry for my English, it's not my native language =) if you find any mistakes in the text, let me know, I will be very pleased!


    This mod started like Holdout_example modding, but now it's full-sized addon with much original features (like spellshop, destructible fort's level aura, walls, buildings with abilities, living ancient, traps etc.). It contains a very beautiful interactive map with particle effects, item loot system, definitely new units and reworking heroes system. You can play this mod solo or with friends, your feedbacks will help to improve balance. Try different heroes and different ways to defend - it's really fun!


    Ancient Siege - одна из самых хардкорных соло/кооперативных пользовательских модификаций для Dota 2. Сможете ли вы выдержать непрерывные волны разнообразных существ, пытающихся захватить вашу крепость? Пережить атаки самых беспощадных героев и созданий из оригинальной игры? Используйте новые, измененные умения ваших любимых героев, чтобы составить свой скилбилд, выжить и дать отпор финальному боссу.

    This is alpha version, and if u find some bugs, let me to know too.

    Thank you, and good luck in defend!

    • Everyone who wants to play has to install and setup the Dota 2 Workshop Alpha Tools and opt into the latest Steam Client Beta.
    • All of the clients and host need to open the normal Dota 2 client (Ensure that the tools are closed!).
    • The host needs to goto the play tab -> custom games -> browse by subscribed gamemodes -> click on the Ancient Siege gamemode and hit "Create Lobby".
    • The rest of the players need to goto the play tab -> custom games -> friend lobbies, where you will see the lobby that your friend has hosted.
    • Pick the slots you want to use on both teams (spectators and broadcasters are currently not supported).
    • Once the host starts the game he will load into the Workshop Alpha Tool's client on its own and start the game.
    • The clients will need to wait for the host to load first and then their client will also boot into the Workshop Alpha Tools. At first you will think that your game has crashed, don't worry. Don't press anything and you should load into the game.
    • Enjoy.
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    Lady Gaga May 19 @ 1:03pm 
    Мне интересно, когда будут обновления и добавят новых героев?
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    I had the problem that a aa spawned the way i couldnt click on him and he killed me from across the map, btw the spuder is sucky
    GDSK-NXS Apr 20 @ 6:37am 
    I downloaded it, I created a lobby, tried to solo, at the end of the second round special creeps stopped spawning (you know, there was only skeletons and those pugnas) and it was like that for... 9 minutes? nothing else happened.

    Also, I had to choose one of only 3 heroes (windranger, zeus & legion commander), is that normal?
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    Это шедевр,воплощение искусства!
    Всем советую.
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    Мишка Mar 6 @ 5:22am 
    Tec-9 | Anomaly
    Rate please!

    Tec-9 | Anomaly
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