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Super Indie Karts Grand Prix
Genre: Racing
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Aug 9, 2014 @ 9:10pm
Jan 3 @ 2:32pm
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Only 3 days to go!!!
Here comes some new Challengers!
Release date: March 2015
SNES style retro mode 7 kart racer fun for 1-4 players filled with some amazing characters from awesome Indie games. +New Battle Modes!

Super World Karts is a retro mode-7 style 16-bit kart racer, it looks and plays like a classic SNES game but also adds some modern game elements like:

16:9 - 1080p HD resolution, (1080p where available)
achievements & collection goals,
drift-boosts & analogue steering,
bonus character & track unlocks,
original fun split-screen Battle modes (not just 3 balloons mode),
3 star rankings for each race,
Mirror Mode & Time Trials.

Super World Karts has an awesome array of bonus characters, coming over from some really sweet Indie games. Ready to burn some pixel rubber are:

Mutt from Lobodestroyo
Turing from Read Only Memories
Tim Burr from Fist Of Awesome
Elena from Whispering Willows
Filo from So Many Me
the guys from Toto Temple Deluxe
Duck from Duck Game
Sparky the OUYA Android!
..and more to come too!
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OneLeggedSeagull  [author] Feb 17 @ 5:23am 
Gomez would look so sweet in a kart, I'd love to see that too! :)
Fish Keeper Feb 15 @ 7:02am 
Media Breakdown Dec 12, 2014 @ 10:34am 
Congratulations on getting the greenlight! Here's hoping you'll be up for sale sometime soon. :)
EliasElimas Oct 9, 2014 @ 12:20pm 
How about Gomez from FEZ
Friggin' Taser Sep 21, 2014 @ 3:30pm 
I think this game needs a few more characters, so my suggestions: Reaper from Reaper, Knight from Knightmare Tower, Ray from Stick It To The Man, Cube Guy from Slip, Liselet and Andre from Super Lemonade Factory, Escape Goat, Derrick the Deathfin, Frederik the Bore or Hildi the Sow from Full Bore, Tiny Barbarian, Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy's
NoTanFightFan Sep 15, 2014 @ 5:36pm 
This game would also be awesome for Steam Workshop so we could create customizable characters and tracks, similar to Mod Nation Racers.
NoTanFightFan Sep 15, 2014 @ 5:34pm 
I REALLY hope this has a battle mode similar to Super Mario Kart (with the 4 balloons). Always loved playing that mode with my friends.
Mateuszek Sep 12, 2014 @ 11:47pm 
Fast greenlit!
Zachouiie~ ❤ Sep 11, 2014 @ 3:48pm 
Look amazing,fun,Hilarious CANT WAIT
Chaos Knight Sep 10, 2014 @ 5:48am 
voted looks great