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Relic Hunters Zero
Languages: English
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Aug 11 @ 7:53am
Aug 27 @ 4:04pm
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[Poll] Multiplayer (Closed)
Release date: FALL 2014
A 100% FREE indie shooter by the creators of Chroma Squad and Dungeonland.

Hey, we think you should thumbs up new game Relic Hunters Zero because it looks and sounds awesome, and it’s fun, and it’s a video game, and it’s FREE. Not free as in “Free2Play”, but free as in “Free4Real”.

Relic Hunters Zero is a game about shooting space ducks and space turtles in the face with tiny cute guns. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and feels delicious and smooth to play.

The game releases this Fall for Windows PC with possible Mac and Linux versions in the near future!

  • Two playable characters;
  • Play with mouse and keyboard + Full Xbox360 gamepad support;
  • Around 2-3 hours of gameplay depending on how awesome you are;
  • 12 levels with randomly-generated enemy squads and item placements;
  • Collect pieces of Relics and put them together to boost your abilities;
  • Buy and unlock 12+ unique guns;
  • Final Boss Fight BECAUSE VIDEOGAMES;
  • Secret unlocks and different endings;
  • Your mentor is a talking space donkey called “♥♥♥”;

Relic Hunters Zero features the awesome lo-fi beats of Swedish artist Goto80. Like what you hear? His new album "Files In Space" is super good and it's available for 10 bucks right here:

This version of the game will be open-source, so people will be able to add all kinds of crazy stuff to it.

We're also looking into making a full commercial game out of this - which would be WAY more ambitious, something like The Legend of Zelda meets Borderlands. :O

But we currently work full time at a game studio, so that's only happening if you (yes, you!) convince us that a super-epic version of Relic Hunters is something worth doing. How can you do that? By telling us that the game is fun and that we should go forward with it!

We're two guys who currently work at Behold Studios making Chroma Squad. Feel free to come talk to us any time and please leave your feedback at:

  • Website:
  • Twitter @markventurelli
  • Facebook:
  • Email: contact [at] roguesnail [dotcom]
  • Press:
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multiplayer and other playable characters?
DR bootyhole
Sep 3 @ 6:07pm
SteamOS / Linux / Mac Support [maybe!]
Rogue Snail
Aug 15 @ 10:56am
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DrakeBlood Lucy 1 hour ago 
Megatauntaun 12 hours ago 
Art style reminds me of Scott Pilgrim...I LOVE Scott Pilgrim.
Strikor Sep 13 @ 7:18pm 
would be cool with steam workshop
Potato Sandwich Sep 11 @ 7:29pm 
Free to Play? I would litterally pay money for this.
白卡 Sep 10 @ 4:00pm 
MouSY Sep 9 @ 2:04am 
nice game fast release plzz
cueken √™ Sep 8 @ 11:28am 
nice game
Taichibi Sep 8 @ 7:51am 
I really like the music in the video and the artstyle seems intereting too. Is there anywhere that the soundtrack is/will be available?
Uma_Panda Sep 7 @ 5:14pm 
Nice Game *-*
WendelDxD Sep 7 @ 7:53am 
Que Jogo Dahora :D