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10 Years After
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 10, 2014 @ 9:03am
Jan 11, 2015 @ 12:29pm
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Release date: 2nd November 2014
“10 Years After” Is a survival based horror (Open World) after the government rolled out a injection to the general public to stem the violence and quell the human emotion's things were going well ….....Peace on earth was achieved people who were injected were added to the “calm register” no murders no rapes no crime was a utopian society....That is until things went wrong and the injection bites back!

Key Features:

-Single player

(With unique Fully Voiced character driven storyline)

-Fully Voiced Audio Diaries to help you find out what happened to the city's inhabitants

-Full Soundtrack for the game


-Food/Thirst System

-Player Crafting




-Melee Items

-Dynamic Weather

-Day & Night Cycle

-Multiplayer (Still A Work in Progress)

Development Road Map

Alpha 0.0.1 – Closed Testing Phase

Alpha 0.0.2

Alpha 0.0.3

Alpha 0.0.4

Alpha 0.0.4b

Alpha 0.0.5


Water Texture

Some new infected not spawning

Even better FPS Fix

Some Pick Up's Not Working


Hunger/Thirst System (being re-worked)

Day/Night Cycle (being re-worked)

Inventory System (being re-worked)

Crafting System(being re-worked)

Some Infected Types


New Day/Night Cycle (Work in Progress)

New Inventory System (Work in Progress)

New Quest System (Limited to 3 quests to test feedback)

Xbox Controller Support (Limited)

Ability To Lean

New Pain Texture

Infected Animations

Main Character Dialogue

Basic save/load system

ESC now brings up menu

"P" Still pauses game and brings up pause menu

Health now regaine's after time

Fishes in the sea

Player sounds updated

Alpha 0.0.5a...Newest Release


Lean bug (falling through walls)

Double "ESC" Crash

Bug Fixes


Old main map

Quests (not had time)


New main map (WIP)

Crafting (WIP)

Weather effects

Time/Weather/Temp HUD

1 tree type to cut down (wood resource)

1 type rock (metal resource)

1 type rock (stone resource)

cloth (resource)

3 x blueprints (resource)

fuel (resource)

Crouch (left shift)

Go Prone (c)

Crates to search

1 ladder (climbable more will be added)

Guns now need to be crafted (Main Map)

Ability to craft "TENT" (Place by dropping out of inventory for now)

Craft Campfire (Place by dropping out of inventory for now)

Small City

Small Coastal Town

Its up to you what you do! Follow the story and find the answer!...Or just live day to day and try to survive make friends and enemies!

Its a huge open world with abandoned city's and wild wildernesses ...pick up CB radio's broadcasting cries for help ! Ignore or go help its your choice!

Just remember that the infected are about and these you don't want to mess with! ...go in guns blazing and you will die!! use your surroundings be clever “think what would you do in real life” !!

You Can Check Out Our Website @
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