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My Name is Addiction
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 8, 2014 @ 9:01pm
Aug 14, 2014 @ 10:55am

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Happy Birthday to My Name is Addiction
DaRobHob Let's Play
I'd just like to say I have played the alpha of this, and it is a very intense experience. The way the novel is told is extremely compelling. It's certainly worth your time if you're interested in experiencing an unusual point of view. I really don't know how to exactly explain my experience playing this, but it was very, very engrossing.
I would certainly recommend it. ~Sargon of Akkad

Things get complicated for the character when a potential, budding relationship comes into play, threatening to tear down his attempts at progress, not perfection. As both a purveyor and participator, players can choose the outcomes for the protagonist; choice is still a strong option that completely changes the outcome for the character. ~OneAngryGamer

Everything is fine on the outside. Society loves porn, it thrives on it. That husk I call a body is contorted in my chair. I’m finished, famished, and there is only one person to blame.

My name is Addiction is a visual novel with pornography addiction as its main theme.

Within the novel you’ll experience a truly unique atmosphere as you make your choices which impact your endings.

Will you submit to your urges or writhe in agony?

Will you let your past haunt you or rewrite your future?

There are many paths to get to the seven endings within this story.

A unique, heavy handed oil-paint aesthetic is applied to your experience with over 50+ drawings to see. From visual representations of porn (there is no actual porn within the product) to roses and even some dream-like hallways shall offer you a journey into the realms of addiction.

The journey itself comprises a year of the protagonist’s life. You jump around from set piece to set piece learning about his past, the possible causes of his addiction, and understanding how to move on (or not).

Death, love, roses, adulthood, and other topics are discussed in relation to porn addiction. It’s very human, no preaching here!

This is not for the faint of heart or for immature audiences. Many scenes may disturb you emotionally.

Originally posted by BawssNass:
The problem with this game is you aren't being clear on what approach to the topic of porn addiction is. Is it simply that you want to stop the misconception that porn addiction isn't a thing? Is it the nature of porn and how it is warping our view of sex and sexual interactions? Is it the impacts of porn addiction on young people? The pressures put on us by society to be more sexual - sex sells?
This has the promise of being something really powerful, but at the moment it isn't showing that

It's all the above.

• A highly emotional roller coaster adventure exploring the topic of porn addiction.
• Seven different endings based on your choices with many ways to approach each ending!
• Unique hand-drawn art style that is not influenced at all by anime. It is a mixture of abstract and realistic work using digital oil paint.
• Over 50 drawings to be seen. Plenty are unique to the choices you make!
• Over 40 songs! A unique custom soundtrack with music ranging from classical to club genres. All created by yours truly (Cleril)!
• Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux on release!

What you get:

• A roughly hour long visual novel concerning the topic of porn addiction (along with many other interesting themes!) which has 7 endings!
• The full soundtrack in both .OGG and MP3 formats!
• An hours worth of developer commentary on the drawings!
• Nine (or more) unique wallpapers which are unique drawings not found in the game!

The visual novel will cost 4.99.

The visual novel is in English only.

All art, music, writing, and everything in the novel was created by Cleril.

Cleril Calamity Studios is a solo operation.

Any questions please ask in the forum thread!

Please note that this is not anti-porn propaganda. The visual novel never discusses the legality of porn and never called for it to be banned in any capacity.

Please also note that there is no porn within the visual novel whatsoever. There’s much less nudity than any M-Rated games out there too. All nudity is drawn.
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WHat is actually in the game?
Toyfan1: The Keyboard Warrior
Jan 14 @ 7:11am
Wtf is this thing?
cpt. Red Fox
Jan 23 @ 9:06pm
Highly Reccomended
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Cleril  [author] Jul 25 @ 1:02pm 
It's 81%. It was 88% at highest so far. The only reason it goes up is because games get taken out of the pool. Then new ones get added and take it down a notch.

I get maybe 1 yes vote a day on average. I'll be stuck on Greenlight for the foreseeable future still which is now over 1 year.
shen100 Jul 25 @ 7:27am 
Hi, good job 82% to top 100.
Norbez Jul 15 @ 9:29pm 
Haze (Eliana @TheStorysinger) and I talked briefly about My Name is Addiction in our Three Guys That Paint video series, starting at 26:45. This was part of a larger discussion on rejection in a game, starting at 22:47:
I truly, truly am glad this game exists, and hope it gets Greenlit soon.
Cleril  [author] Jun 9 @ 6:12pm 
Not at all. I'm incredibly limited with my hardware (old laptop that doesn't like video editing and a built in microphone) is the issue with regards to the trailer.

I certainly will look into uploading more text examples.
darkover Jun 9 @ 5:40pm 
Voted yes. I like the idea itself, but I don't like the way you present your trailers and screenshots at all. This is clearly a narrative driven game... I'd suggest that you include more samples of the *actual writing* rather than let us hunt down a demo due to greenlight's limitations. Hope you don't find this overly harsh. Anyway, seems like an interesting game, hence the upvote
lazydan00 Jun 3 @ 5:47am 
looks nice its something completely diffarent
Cleril  [author] May 5 @ 7:38pm 
Thank you kind Wizard!
Rodiclonus May 5 @ 7:02pm 
sucks that greenlight is shit good luck wizzy
Magic Snail Fairy Mar 24 @ 11:33am 
°•👽 Louna 👽•° Mar 23 @ 8:45pm 

Saw you invested lots of time into it and while many gmes tend to buy likes, your games isn't from wha t i saw so no wonder why it's stuck there.

Greenlight system is pathetic and i hope you manage to release someday!