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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Aug 8 @ 2:09pm
Aug 8 @ 2:11pm

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Release date: Early 2015
Download the free demo at GunWorld's Kickstarter page!

GunWorld is a love letter to 8-bit action games! It's a meticulously crafted homage to everything great about classic game design and action heroes of the 1980s! An emphasis on high challenge and non-linear progression means GunWorld is not for the feint of heart. Players will be challenged to complete a series of levels in any order they choose, unlocking new weaponry as they do. With each new piece of equipment additional options present themselves, encouraging experimentation and repeated level runs.
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UnsoundMrBlaze☜☆☞ Sep 17 @ 8:53am 
Music is good and the challenge is there. Voted up!
Orbnotacus Sep 13 @ 5:34pm 
I LOVE 8-bit and retro styled games. You can make them old school, but make them SO MUCH MORE in-depth. This game does not seem to do that. This game looks like Contra gone retarded. I don't mean to be harsh, but I am pretty picky about my games.
TankSquirrel-ITA Sep 7 @ 1:15pm 
This Game is Awesome.
Bundlebandits Sep 2 @ 10:18am 
Let us know if you are interested in bundling your game in one of our upcoming greenlight bundles from, you can contact us at for more information.

upvote! and good luck!
Shafylus Aug 30 @ 2:42pm 
Vampiro Fumador Aug 26 @ 11:23pm 
{Ᵽ₭} HastyPixels Aug 26 @ 6:44pm 
Save the guns! Hahaha! Good hunting, fellas!
Reddy Aug 26 @ 5:00pm 
Once upon a time: game developers worked with limited hardware to accomplish as much as possible. Now: gave developers use the unfathomably better hardware and software of today to accomplish.... as LITTLE as possible... and you disguise it as "retro".
m07games  [author] Aug 25 @ 4:18am 
@CornetTheory Nice eye! Absolutely an homage to that.
Zulfakar1337 Aug 24 @ 10:55pm 
Hope it can play Multiplayer Online with my friend. By the way, i've voted for this game.