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Ride the Bullet
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 7 @ 9:06pm
Aug 9 @ 3:13pm

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Release date: As soon as it gets through Greenlight.
Hi. I'm Jordan Sendar. I spent just short of a year building every element of Ride the Bullet, from music to 3d models to level design. And like most other people on here, I'd like to spread this work to a large audience. I am an indie dev trying to make some cool stuff now so that I can make some even bigger, cooler stuff as time and budget allows. I decided to avoid the early access route so there would be no risk of making promises I couldnt fulfill. But now, with Ride the Bullet finally complete, I can release it to the world and let people assess the full experience. So now I give you the terrible marketing wordstuff:

You are a gun for hire with nothing to your name but your rifle and a single bullet. You have a special gift. You can control this bullet. Your objectives: take jobs, kill, build your reputation, and work your way up the crime ladder.

Ride the Bullet is a cross-platform game about speed, quick reflexes, and glorious ragdoll pixel-people death. In it you play as a gun for hire with the ability to steer a bullet. You will fire this bullet through various levels, completing the jobs given to you by your clients. The game includes a series of individual fast-paced steering puzzles where you'll find yourself breaking up shady drug deals in abandoned warehouses or even assassinating mob bosses in their own homes.

  • Over 35 levels ranging in difficulty from "walk in the park" to "my fingers don't work anymore and I hate RadJor." These unique puzzles are designed around perfecting your timing and planning your trajectory in advance.
  • Simple bullet steering mechanic. If you have stubs instead of hands, we've got you covered. The focus is on speed, destruction, and quick reflexes rather than complex controls.
  • Physics environments where obstacles react realistically to the bullet and the bullet reacts to these obstacles.
  • A gripping tale of love, revenge, deceit, and ragdoll physics.
  • A cast of characters, facially acted out by MASSIVELY POPULAR youtubers (like iDubbbz AND MORE), small game devs, gamers, and wild outdoorsmen alike. Wow.
  • Supports controllers and key remapping.

Ride the Bullet is a complete game and will be released on Steam immediately if it is greenlit. It was created solely by myself, and I hope to bring it to Steam both for my own sustainability and to spread it to the widest possible audience. I plan on charging no more than $5 (probably closer to $2 or $3) as the game has a limited scope and is designed to have a few hours of gameplay.

For now, Ride the Bullet is available for purchase on Google Play and

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, tweet me @RadJor64, or check out my blog at

If you want to support an indie dev in need please hit Yes or pick up a copy of Ride the Bullet.

If you buy from, you will receive steam keys when Ride the Bullet is greenlit.

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I hope this is not as far as you are going with it. You really have missed a great concept with this corridor run game.
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@littleferrhis it is available on iOS and Android. Thanks for the feedback btw.
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