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Bunk Bed
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Mod category: Block, Character, Animation
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Aug 7 @ 3:58pm
Sep 25 @ 9:55pm
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This mod was made by Suge updated by kolt16 and ported/maintained by me.

Description: Bunk Beds
Current Function: Cosmetic, you can lay down on it.
Developers: Suge (Artist) & Curs0r (Programmer)
Available On: Large Ship, Station
Polygons: 2158
Version: 2.0

Change log:
- Added G Menu categorization "Furniture"
- Changed type of block to be able to lay down.
- Added animation of character sleeping in bed

This model works on survival and has building stages.

Work in progress:
- Split the block to make it a single bed.

Original URL: http://se-modz.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=10

Note: This model has no errors as stated on the screenshot above, its a clean an debugged mod =P
* Thanks to MSI for tips and tricks.
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Itsapainfulworld Dec 15 @ 3:30pm 
The First Person in this bed is a little funky. xP
Cmdr. Hawx Dec 14 @ 7:51am 
I hope that the WIP will be done soon, b/c i cant access the top bunk.
theredgojo Dec 7 @ 12:18pm 
hay i really like your moddeling on that bunk bed. but with that tallent there is something that you ought to consider. i have not yet seen any sutible tables and chairs for a cafiteria, or restaraunt. plain jane futeristic looking tabels and chairs would suffice something so that the crew can just sit down together and have a meal. so far everyon is so focused on the big cool structural and functunal mods that they are starving not realiseing that they have to feed their crews aswell.
String_Relativity* Nov 26 @ 6:12pm 
osom bartek....for mice? wish i never googled that
artur_jk Nov 25 @ 8:20am 
AlanEsh Nov 12 @ 6:33pm 
Yeah this thing is awesome, but would love a single block high, single bed version. Thanks!
E=mc2 Nov 12 @ 10:27am 
Nice. Will there be one with only 1 bed?
DigitizedSoul Nov 8 @ 11:50pm 
why not just call it "bunks" and have just 1 bed?
that way you could stack one on top of another and both beds be usable.

also I like Jelle's suggestion of a small storage
|LZ| Jelle Oct 25 @ 11:07am 
You could even make the little doors on the side have inventory space.
|LZ| Jelle Oct 25 @ 11:05am 
Could you make a 2x1 version with just one bed? I really like the high-tech cabin feel of this over free standing "normal" beds I see in other mods. However, the 2 beds on top of each other don't fit everywhere. A bed cabin like this the size of an assembler would be wonderful.