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Uploading items to
By Baldurs Tod
The purpose of this guide is explain how to add workshop items to to give players an instant 3d view of your item.

If this guide is not comprehensive enough, don't hesitate to comment, i will upgrade it.
In order to upload an item on, you need first to upload it on the steam community workshop. Pick up your item id in the workshop url:
Getting started
Go to
You first need to put your item id in the text box and then click the check id button. For now, only the main creator can upload the item on

You then need to drag and drop your files in the browser window. You can drag and drop folowing files types: .mdl, .vvd, .vtx, .vmt. .vtf, .vpk, .zip, .smd.

Once the file are in the browser, you can use the preview or one of the 9 classes button, to see your item.

If all is ok, use the upload button. Once the upload is complete, Your item is instantly available to visitors at