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Dungeon Kingdom
Genre: Adventure, RPG, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Aug 6 @ 12:05pm
Oct 16 @ 7:16pm
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Dungeon Kingdom is a Dungeon Crawler RPG game walking in the tracks of Dungeon Master and Ishar games.

We love Dungeon Crawlers, and Dungeon Kingdom is our tribute to these fantastics games such as Chaos Strikes Back, Eye of Beholder, and all others ! We have spent a lot of time on details for the best in-game experience , atmosphere and ergonomy. We work hard, and give our best to entertain you !

Some of the features are:
  • Multiple environments !!!
  • Dungeon Kingdom's world is made of continuous levels, there's no fading or loading between levels, except for major environment changes.
  • Cross-platforms game save sharing : start on one device, resume on another one ! Start on PC or Mac, continue on your iPad or Android smartphone.
  • Advanced and optimized Graphics on any platform.
  • Dungeon Kingdom use real Physics engine powered by PhysX, opening new opportunities of puzzles.
  • Unlike many Crawlers, Dungeon Kingdom has advanced AI and navigation systems.
  • Modern features such as achievements.
  • Different play modes are available to fit best any player experience of Dungeon Crawler style games.
  • Strong story design, created with a sequel in mind.

About the Team:
  • We LOVE our game, we LOVE Dungeon Crawlers, we are passionate !
  • We are open to your critics ! We would like to hear your wishes about the game !
  • Very active development with regular updates.
  • Professional team with some past work in the game industry on console, desktop and mobiles.

The IndieGogo crowfunding campaign :

More informations on the official website :
Official Website []
Official Forums []

You can also have a look to some articles about the game:
english: [] [] [] [] []

french: [] [] [] [] []
rpgfrance [] [] []

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Pongsifu Dec 8 @ 9:21pm 
Looks great. I came here just to vote for it, but it is already greenlit.
NeoxYs Dec 1 @ 5:59am 
Look like legend of grimlock o_o
Hippyshake Nov 19 @ 4:10pm 
How in the world did I miss this?!? It looks amazing! Congrats on being Greenlighted. :)
Barbar Bar Nov 11 @ 6:50am 
Macht was Draus,sieht gut aus.
kanda of Normandy  [author] Nov 10 @ 12:07am 
Thanks for your kind words all !
@Reign: Feel free to contact us, maybe we can discuss this deeper.
REIGN Oct 29 @ 8:10am 
I always wanted to build a dungeon crawler although i have great ideas i dont have the knowledge to create one :(
Fenriz Oct 28 @ 4:20pm 
Can't wait to play it...
ReiKenIasos Oct 27 @ 8:48pm 
looks good
kanda of Normandy  [author] Oct 24 @ 1:16am 
The crowdfunding campaign is over, but you can still pledge using the Donate button on our website and request the perk you want: [/ru[url]
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