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Cards and Castles
Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Aug 4 @ 4:40pm
Sep 4 @ 2:20pm

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Thursday Patch
Release date: November 2014
Cards and Castles is a combination collectible card and tactical strategy game! Start by building a deck of cards, then play your cards on the battlefield to create fully controllable units, area spells and more! Collect cards to create more strategies and combos to dominate your opponents!

We currently have a version available for iOS and Android tablets that you can try out:


If you'd like to know more about some of the specific game mechanics, this wall of text is for you!

Deck Building: All cards are split among five factions, described below. All decks are built with exactly two factions, and each faction has specific core mechanics that define how a deck is built;


Vikings: these guys are strong and hit hard, specializing in attack damage buffs and knockback. Combine a knockback spell with an area of effect attack and watch as your enemies go flying across the screen! Vikings generally specialize in enhancing base unit stats, especially attack, and moving enemy units back and forth across the field. They also command chain lightning and ice magic, for area damage and temporary slowing effects.

Crusaders: crusaders are your standard order of holy knights, covering a vast array of healing and defensive abilities. No faction is better at keeping units alive and protected than the crusaders. Their enchants can transform an ordinary unit into an unstoppable juggernaut! They are also able to draw extra cards, which can fuel serious card advantage in the late-game.

Pirates: pirates love gold, and their gold advantage allows you to play more powerful cards earlier in the match (gold being the casting-cost resource in this game). They also specialize in powerful stacking debuffs such as reduced armor and bleed (damage over time) effects. They can also cripple enemy move speed as well; nothing is more satisfying than hobbling a giant enemy unit!

Warlocks: masters of the fiery and dark arts, these guys have no qualms about sacrificing their own units to fuel powerful magic. Their fiery direct damage and area of effect spells can be quite nasty. Unlike in your typical CCG, board positioning is crucially important in this game and every warlock is going to have a fireball or inferno ready to seriously damage groups of units that are clumped too close together!

Ninjas: coming in the beginning of September, ninjas are masters of speed, evasion and patience. Ninjas introduce the return to hand mechanic, allowing your units to avoid danger by hiding in your hand, only to reappear with deadly force! Move speed bonuses allow your units to more easily cross the map and control board space. They also possess many over-powerful abilities that activate a turn later, requiring patience and planning to properly execute.

Combine any of these two factions to create a myriad of different playstyles! There are many unique card mechanics to mix and match into all sorts of fun combos and strategies.


Unit Attributes: Unit cards are played directly to the field, behind your base. Each unit can attack and move once each turn. There are dozens upon dozens of special unit attributes, both innate and enchanted by cards. Many of these are unique to our grid-based tactical format!

Cleave: unit strikes all enemies in an arc of 5 tiles in front
Chain Lightning: unit attack jumps from one enemy to another nearby enemy, in sequence, with reduced damage after each jump
Pierce: unit attack also strikes the square behind the target
Health Regen: unit regains X health each turn
Knockback: unit attacks knock enemies backwards
Aura (X): friendly units in surrounding squares gain (X) (some sort of buff)

These are just a few examples; with enchant cards, you can mix and match all sorts of attributes into devastating combos! (lifesteal + chain lightning is a personal favorite)

---- REVIEWS ----

We are very small and unknown and haven't been reviewed by many sites yet, but these articles do a great job of explaining the game:

I feel like I've posted enough about the game here. If you want to know more, feel free to post a question in the comments. Or just grab our tablet/phone version and try it yourself!
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Bomoo Sep 8 @ 1:30pm 
Looks like you copied that mojang game.
cwcalabrese Sep 6 @ 9:12pm 
please make this game for steam.
Winterwolf Sep 6 @ 6:24am 
Жду с нетерпением!
Semicolon42 Aug 29 @ 9:56am 
Free to play! You can pay for boosters to speed up your card collection, or buy "Shinies" to have alternate in-game art for existing cards.

But ALL cards are obtainable for free (In game currency won by playing the game and completing quests)

This is NOT pay-to-win. Rare cards are just are as BALANCED as the common cards, NOT overpowered versions of common cards. Rares are just harder to obtain (to get you to play more to get you to more points to collect more cards. Circle of Life).

The developers are also active in the community forums and listen to feedback to make sure the game stays healthy and balanced.
dhcastle81 Aug 28 @ 8:44pm 
wait is it going to be free to play or do i have to pay for it?
Hitler Aug 28 @ 6:11am 
what the hell
Lord Fane Aug 26 @ 2:20am 
I really like this game, it's on the android market, and you can pay for boosters but you don't have to pay to win, its really nice and balanced and an amazing game. hope this gets through, i'd love a pc version. Good Luck Guys!
^^DeStRoYeR^^ Aug 24 @ 2:54am 
Nice game.(Vontre)good job.
Vontre  [author] Aug 23 @ 8:47pm 
Right now we have a free to play model where you can earn boosters by playing but you can pay for bigger boosters if you want to speed things up. Free and paid both have the same cards available, so it's just a matter of time/quantity. We are also very soon going to experiment with a cosmetics-focused approach, as we think that might actually be better. Specifically we will be selling "shinies" which are alternative versions of common cards with special art and a different in-game character. Booster purchases works ok but we feel like it doesn't quiiiiite fit and there's a better alternative out there. We could be wrong though, only time will tell!

We may attempt to change the pricing model for the Steam release depending on community feedback and the metrics from our current pricing experiments. But I think free to play with cosmetic purchases is the most likely option.
roder Aug 23 @ 6:32pm 
Good to hear! Thumbs up! What is the pay model of the game? Buy2Play? F2P/Microtransactions?