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Monsters & Monocles
Aug 5 @ 8:44am
Sep 8 @ 10:33am
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We did it!
Snowy London Enemy Set
Release date: Late 2014
Monsters & Monocles is a frantic top-down shooter for up to four players. Use teamwork and your arsenal of weapons to defeat the overwhelming hordes of evil. All the levels are procedurally generated with new layouts, objectives, and secrets each time you play. Collect powerful relics as you play to unlock new abilities, and increase their effectiveness by powering up over multiple play-throughs.

Play With Friends
You can play Monsters & Monocles with friends, wherever they might be. Monsters & Monocles fully supports four player network multiplayer, and for single-screen gaming it supports four player local multiplayer. If you don't want to play online, both single player and local multiplayer work fully offline.

Shoot Everything
Shooting is how you do everything in the world of Monsters & Monocles. Want to open a locked door? Find a keygun and let it fly. Want to buy something from the shop? Shoot it off the counter and pick it up. Need to heal your party? Find the secret tea room, shoot the kettle until the water boils, and make a refreshing cup of tea.

Procedural Levels
From ancient mansions to winding caves to labyrinthine sewers, each environment has a unique feel. Monsters & Monocles has a variety of level generators that create maps with uniquely crafted layouts, enemies, traps, and objectives to match the environmental themes.

Mod Support
We're committed to making the game as mod-friendly as possible. You'll be able to add new characters, weapons, loot tables, enemies, and more.

  • 4 player co-op - supports both online and local multiplayer
  • Every game is different - random levels, bosses, enemies, relics, objectives, puzzles, and secrets
  • Mod support - players will be able to add new content
  • Full controller support
  • Dynamic lighting - everything from torches, bullets, and explosions add light and color to the world

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Ninjas in Pyjamas Oct 26 @ 3:21am 
Me too
worat Oct 10 @ 6:33am 
Seems to differ enough from Nuclear Throne to not be a complete clone.
aChoiceOfGods Oct 9 @ 5:26pm 
you should call it nuclear throne 2
✯┈|▓uioP▓|┈✯ Sep 28 @ 2:10pm 
Me too!
Eli Sep 28 @ 1:58pm 
Sounds amazing! I want this so bad....
Pimmii Sep 24 @ 1:19pm 
LinusAct[JPN] Sep 20 @ 3:48am 
nice work
Siabi kluczowy Sep 20 @ 3:19am 
Get key for me
Sauce | Cucumber Sep 19 @ 2:16pm 
Valve! Add this please and give me one!
Destroyo [SSC] Sep 16 @ 10:22pm 
Want. It. Bad.