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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
Aug 3 @ 4:15pm
Aug 5 @ 4:03am

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#Patch Alpha 1.2a
New things / Bugs
  • George will get new animations.
  • George will get a life indicator.
  • There will be a new indicator for ammunition.
  • There will be a new pull function, to pull chests, boxes and cans away.
  • A few bugs will be fixed.

In the moment there are 4 Tutorials (Level 1-4) and 5 Storylevel (Level 5-8 + Level 11).
New level
  • new Level 9
  • new Level 10

George works as a garbage man in Dumptown. He really loves his life, his wife und his children. He would like to be an ideal for everyone and tries always to do the right thing. This is the reason why George is very curious. And one day..... he falls into the deep canalizationsystem of Dumptown.
The game is designed in 2D and is a jump and run genre with a certain puzzle-touch and adventure characteristics. The gameplay is quiet simple. With key F you can open doors, can activate Buttons or open chests, etc...
George, the garbage man, have a weappon to defeat enemies, like krokodiles or other things. The first world is placed in the canalization, but more different worlds will follow.
The target of the game is to find a solution for George's situation but the cached undertone and appeal for the active player is: to leave the world a little bit better than before." So George loves to tidy up and keep his sourrounding clean.

The charm of this game is based on the connection to the reality in a world full of waste. We hope you like our game and help us to get greenlighted.

Planned features:
  • more worldthemes
  • items which can be found.. e.g. in chests
  • inventory for items
  • coop multiplayer
  • player vs. player
  • quest system (steam sdk)
  • better layout
  • more languages (German, English, Italian, Spanish, French)

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Для одного она не очень?
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