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Big Gate
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Aug 1 @ 3:56pm
Nov 8 @ 7:17am
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Description: 1x2x3 large gate, designed for cargo bays and main entrances to stations or capital ships.

Check my thread[forums.keenswh.com]

Please, stop asking for different doors. I will NOT do same block twice, and I CAN'T please everyone.

Current Function: Functional
Planned Function: Door

Developers: Darth Biomech

Available on: Large ships and stations

Adapted for Survival: YES

Polygons: 1570

v2.10 - Fixed various derp-ups that emerged after last update, changed icons
v3.00 - Changed format of mod and way to installation
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M1k3y Koontz Nov 25 @ 6:14am 
In survival, when I start up the world the gate doors appear several blocks away from where they should be. It's not possible to fly through the gate, since hte doors are still closed and act that way, but the door models are way off in the distance.

Just a bit of an annoying bug, great mod though.
Jack the cuddler Nov 24 @ 2:53am 
like it! colorable and a larger version would be nice
Alakeram Nov 22 @ 5:01pm 
idk if it has been posted but theres a small bug with the doors on DS servers that i've been experiencing, for some reason when i log out and log back in the doors will be positioned about 10m below where the door is intended to be but the navmesh is still there blocking it, so when i open the door then it will return to its normal positioning. figured i would post this so you can look into it!

thanks for a badass looking door though!

TheVoodooDevil Nov 22 @ 8:37am 
These are really cool, and great for roid bases, but they'd be even cooler if I couldn't fly small ships through the closed doors. :P
[UESC]Coxzee=FILTH= Nov 20 @ 10:59pm 
After the last update the Big gate has been doing a strange thing, if I leave the gate open and save and exit when I come back one of the doors is in the wrong place and is detached from the gate surround and has about a two block gap away from the gate, the first time it happend it was just floating in the air and I could pass right through it as if it wasn't there.
But when I close the gate it returns to it's normal position and works fine.

It's not a real problem because it always goes back into place but I thought I'd let you know anyway,
MagnusEffect Nov 18 @ 5:19pm 
Apologies for not reading the full description. I can understand you not wanting to do the same work twice. Certainly for very large ships, just using vanilla piston doors is plenty adequate.

That being said, i still believe keeping the 1x2x3 gate and adding a 1x3x5 version would be ideal for areas where you can't fit full piston doors. Even relatively small ships can have trouble fitting through a 2x3 space. Just some food for thought. Either way, great mod you made here! Thank you, Darth.
MagnusEffect Nov 18 @ 5:08pm 
now if we could just get a 1x3x5 version... i could squeeze my utility ships through it.
WAZZUUUP! Nov 18 @ 12:05pm 

You Sir are amazing! I use pretty much all your mods though this door is one of my favourites most used for refinery and power rooms. Shame theres not a bigger version for a small ship hanger but we can't have everything eh? Great job thanks! Rated up.
Galacticdominator Nov 14 @ 8:06pm 
Just the best.
mrraybaker Nov 14 @ 1:30am 
This looks so awesome on my stations large reactor room, with the caution signs in yellow evoking the whole "ratdiation warrning" imagary. Great work :D