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(DX11)Laser Turret
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Aug 1, 2014 @ 3:46pm
Jun 20, 2016 @ 7:03am
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(DX11)Laser Turret

Description: Appears that script is not working out of downloaded mod, but works in the local copy...
Laser turret for enhancing your ship's attacking capabilities. The turret can be placed anywhere on the ship, no conveyors required, but needs 5 MW of power to open fire.
Lasers are very precise weapon, that deliver damage at speed of light and thus can be used at very large distances up to 1 light second. Downside is damage output: this model is designed to do moderately weak harm to a target, but is perfect for space debris elimination, anti-fighter defense and long range battle (better works in batteries with 6-12 turrets each).
Each turret consumes 5 MW of power to fire.

Check my thread[]

Current Function: This battle weapon is fully functional. Pew! Pew! Pew-pew! Bzzzzzzt!

Planned Function: ---

Available on: Large ships and stations

Adapted for Survival: Yes

Polygons: 522
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Dec 18, 2016 @ 7:26am
How fix Out of ammo message
< >
Anthony AyeDog Dec 8 @ 6:55pm 
@phoenix range Cap's 3km
Phoenixbuildsstuff Dec 8 @ 6:30pm 
How accurate is it at 10kms? And how good is the turret control zoom? I need a surface to air accurate weapon for 5-10km range. Sorry, I cant currently launch SE... Should be fixed soon.
Nuclear Sans ★ O-T-G ★ Nov 17 @ 2:04pm 
It should say in the description.
11er33 Nov 16 @ 2:56pm 
Is it small ship compatible?
Ziron Oct 23 @ 8:06am 
power hungry update sounds gay. is this gay now?
JakeBarrage420 Oct 5 @ 6:52pm 
this mod has isuses now due to the update please fix when you have spare time
Anthony AyeDog Oct 4 @ 8:37am 
3km, not 300.

Things don't render out at 300km haha
Sun Tzu Oct 4 @ 4:26am 
did they really got a range up to 300 Km? Dude thats awsome
Cobalt Lightning Sep 13 @ 3:38am 
It seems that setting these turrets to their maximum range no longer works.
Koris Sep 5 @ 3:58pm 
It's annoyingly loud.