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(DX11)Titan Engine
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Aug 1, 2014 @ 1:13pm
Dec 10, 2015 @ 3:36pm
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(DX11)Titan Engine

Description: "Titan" engine designed for capital ships thrust, it's over 20 blocks in length, 5 blocks wide and tall. Engine provides 40 MN thrust and requires 6 big reactors to operate. Have 9 slots for upgrades to further overclock of this beast (Currently meaningless, because everybody forgot that upgrades are even exist, so nobody bothered to mod them).

ForceMagnitude: 1280000000
MaxPowerConsumption: 1380

WARNING! DO NOT STAND IN THE PATH OF EXHAUST FLAME! It can vaporise standard sized fighter up to 30 blocks behind it!

Additional warning: current mountpoints are an UGLY FIX to allow the engine to be airtight, and WILL be replaced with normal mountpoints once issue will be fixed. So don't abuse it and don't stick anything to the "empty" places on the model, it will become disconnected eventually.
Check my thread[]

Current Function: Glowing Thruster On Steroids

Planned Function: Glowing Thruster On Steroids

Available on: Large ships and stations

Adapted for Survival: Yes

Polygons: 2200
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[TSF] Mason (lynnette) Nov 18 @ 11:13pm 
id love some upgrades. power efficiancy please
Hot Redhead Nov 18 @ 3:15pm 
@[TSF] Mason (lynnette) They were originally meant for upgrading, which were never built for the thruster. They're inoperable.
[TSF] Mason (lynnette) Nov 17 @ 10:12pm 
quick question. the ports on the back of the thruster. what are they for? like power efficiant moduals or something?
swagasorousrex Nov 13 @ 8:17pm 
Basically put like 10-20 of those on a planet lol can pretty much move what ever you want lmao 😂
armored_saint Nov 8 @ 7:45am 
Just wanted to say thank you for this item / mod ...... I had many
hours of fun with it.
NightShift10125 Nov 5 @ 7:46am 
some one has updated your engineen and is now on the front page
MAD DOG!!! Oct 23 @ 10:33pm 
i can't see it...
Gaularn Sep 5 @ 3:50pm 
Because it is no longer on the front page I am reposting this link.
Darth Biomech has retired from modding, More info behind the link.
Typhon86 Aug 29 @ 4:02pm 
Can the thruster color be changed to yellow to match the hydrogen thrusters?
BigJigglyNutSack2 Jul 3 @ 1:39am 
I legit thought this guy's name was, "Darth bitchometh"...