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Wild Animal Racing
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In to the top 100!
  • More character animations such as dancing animals
  • Extra weapons
  • Higher quality textures for the PC
  • Engine noises
  • Easter eggs

We hope to bring this game soon to all fans of Wild Animals, fans of Cars, and especially fans of Wild Animals driving Cars. \☺/

Release date: Christmas 2015
Hi, thanks for looking at my racing game Wild Animal Racing! :) Here's the blurb:

Wild Animal Racing is a exciting go-kart simulation game with a twist. Play as an elephant, a lion, a zebra, a giraffe, a rhino or a hippo! Play against the other animals or against a friend on the same computer with the split-screen mode!
Race your car around tracks in Egypt, Paris and Holland in the World Tour!
Drive your car around the coast and around the rim of a volcano!
Collect the diamonds for extra speed!
Pick up weapons such as rockets, a sledge hammer, or wheel spikes to knock your opponents off course!
All in amazing 3D graphics!
A super crazy fun game for everyone!

App features
  • Six characters to choose from!
  • Two players can play on one device!
  • Four themed cups!
  • Twelve unique tracks!
  • Multiple comedy weapons!

You can use a multitude of different controls:
  • Keyboard WASD and IJKL
  • Two joysticks
  • Touch screen
  • Mouse

As well as the special feature of being able to play two human players on the same PC with the split screen mode, we also have a multiplayer option to play P2P with a matchmaking service (This is a PC only option and is not available on the app version).

It is translated into most European languages. (The trickiest bit was finding out there is no translation for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in most languages!)

Currently it is available as an app on Windows 8 Store[] and Android. We want to get it on Steam because it looks much better on a PC and all the Windows 7 and Windows XP (and Vista :O) users are missing out! Also, we can compile versions for Mac and Linux.

Thanks for listening and hope you will help get this on Steam!
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Jul 13 @ 11:11pm
Best idea for the sequel?
Aug 8 @ 9:47am
What extra weapons would you like to see?
Jul 14 @ 7:47am
WILD ANIMAL RACING - You Won't Believe The Twist!
TheFriendlyBro -
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Spurse Nov 1 @ 1:25pm 
I have some money reserved in my steam wallet for when this game hits the steam store.
ℜenato ℒopes ⌬ Oct 30 @ 10:06am 
Paul  [author] Oct 30 @ 9:46am 
OK. Well I better work hard to make sure it doesn't turn out sht then.
ℜenato ℒopes ⌬ Oct 30 @ 9:36am 
sarcasm lol.

BUT. If you manage to put all this effort on the game, than I will say sorry and see that you are a good dev.

The thing is, greenlight is full of shit ya'know? So I can't know if you're a good dev like you're saying or you're one of these Digital homicide guys. Good luck!
Paul  [author] Oct 30 @ 8:54am 
Unlikely. But thanks. By the way, the game will look a lot better when it's finished. The giraffe is looking a lot less like a melted waxwork now. Plus there is a backstory and everything. Trading cards, mini movies, easter eggs, lots of good stuff. Hopefully out before Christmas.
ℜenato ℒopes ⌬ Oct 30 @ 8:28am 
I hope you get rich
Paul  [author] Oct 30 @ 5:29am 
Have a nice day to you too.
ℜenato ℒopes ⌬ Oct 27 @ 11:47am 

I can't believe this got greenlight

I saw jim's video on it and he was right, this is clearly hell

and steam is the pass to hell! I mean, steam is like deep web, I need to switch over a xbox or playstation!
Fwoof Oct 26 @ 12:23pm 
valve no

curb stomp this gay shit pls
Paul  [author] Oct 26 @ 11:48am 
I'm working on it as we speak! Adding some nice cut-scene animations.