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Fairies Vs. Darklings: Arcane Edition
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 1, 2014 @ 11:37am
Feb 29, 2016 @ 6:27am

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Fairies vs Darklings: Arcane Edition

Fairies vs Darklings: Arcane Edition is a new and revamped version of the Faeries vs Darklings Facebook game, developed by Interama Games and previously published by Atari. This new version features the fun and enjoyable mix of Match-3 and Combat gameplay from the classic version, enhanced with a plethora of new features to add a new layer of strategy and depth to the game. Travel to the fantasy land of Titania, a world thriving with magic and peace... Until, from within its very heart, the seed of corruption started to grow and darkness threatened to enshroud all of its islands and their inhabitants in ruin and desolation. As a young wizard of pure heart and brave disposition, you shall yield the magical powers of the very land itself by matching gemstones and using the mana harvested from within them to summon a variety of magical Fairies, spirits of Virtue that will aid you in your battle against the malicious and vile Darklings.

Here is a list of features for this enhanced version of the game:
  • Test your reflexes and collect mana - Collect mana to summon fairies by matching 3 or more gems of the same color. But beware, for the Darklings are relentless and will stop at nothing until the whole land is consumed!

  • Summon a variety of Fairies to aid you in battle - Each of the 8 fairies available in the game has their own characteristics and powers, so choose your allies wisely as you prepare yourself to fight!

  • Fight against hordes of Darklings - Each Darkling has unique traits and special dark magic of their own, so make haste and drive them away before they consume the whole land!

  • Use magical potions to enhance your fairy allies - Perform large matches in order to be rewarded with magical potions that allow you to summon Arcane versions of your Fairy allies, increasing their magical powers and abilities far beyond their limits!

  • Enhance your own abilities and give yourself new powers with a plethora of magical items - Use the coins acquired in battle to purchase many items and equipments that will give you the edge and turn the tides of the battle in your favor!

  • Battle through the many Islands in the land of Titania - Travel through a mysterious and magical world in more than 80 stages spread across 8 Islands, each with its own unique hazard that will challenge your ability as a player to adapt to survive and thrive!

  • Battle against fearsome Bosses - Each Island has its own particular boss stage, where the player will test their might against one of the mighty Dragons and their horde of Darklings to free the Islands of their cursed fates.

  • Unlock achievements and collect rewards - Perform great feats to unlock achievements, and acquire bonus coins as a reward for your efforts!

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