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Into The Gloom
Genre: Action, Puzzle, Horror
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Japanese
Players: Single-player
Jul 31 @ 5:36pm
Sep 11 @ 10:23am

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Release date: 07/2014

" sets a fine mood, has puzzles to break up the wandering and is a promising first release."
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"...there were pretty good puzzles in this game and I enjoyed solving them ... it did have a story in the end and it did have some intense moments in the end..."

"Now it would be easy to dismiss Into the Gloom’s bland colour scheme and retro-styling as not being scary, but you would be dead wrong. I have said in the past that a game’s environment and atmosphere are far more important than visuals could ever hope to be, and this game PROVES it!"
Capsule Computers[]

"The first thing dispensed with from other horror games is the perspective, Into the Gloom is first person while other horror games rely on 3rd person viewing. Secondly, the game world is pretty much flat shaded polygon in design with minimal use of color- this really adds to the atmosphere."
Retro Gaming Mag[]

"Shut your windows, close the curtains and turn off the lights as you are about to play a first person puzzle solving horror game from earrgames.'s certainly one to impress with fantastic level design and an atmospheric background."
Indie Retro News[]

About the Game

Into the gloom is a first person puzzle solving horror game based on retro style graphics.

It features only the black, white and red colors. Explore 9 levels to find the items to solve the puzzles. You will encounter terrifying events along your path, and must escape from "The Shadow".

The real creepiness of the game is not about the black and white colors, but the atmosphere, the sound effects an other... surprises, also features real puzzles, not like in other games where you just run and get the key for the door.

Be prepared for the horror, and to run for your life, in this pixel style horror adventure with two possible endings!

You can download its demo here[]
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Cat_Nip Dec 15 @ 10:43am 
i had already bought this game for Desura and i have been waiting ever since it was released on desura for it to be on steam!!! COME ON STEAM!!!!!!!!
|Ł²Đ| Hidan-kun SVK Dec 11 @ 10:11am 
Looks good... I like horror games. Voted.
Noel The Kreiss Dec 7 @ 7:02am 
Voted :) and play it alone at the 2:00AM
☢NuclearBuddy☢ Nov 18 @ 11:35pm 
Smer4 Nov 18 @ 6:23pm 
█░░ Valve ░░░█
█░ Add This ░░█
█░ Please! ░░░█
█░ And Give ░░█
█░ me one ! ░░█
Cool game! vote please for mine too. Thanks in advance!
TaD Nov 9 @ 2:24am 
lucas.cg2002 Nov 6 @ 3:47pm 
I buyed the game in Desura Windows, it's nice :)
Fosforit0 Oct 29 @ 7:09pm 
Jaaymaac Oct 28 @ 10:27pm 
love;McPixel Oct 19 @ 6:58pm