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Solar System Conflict
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, German
Jul 25, 2014 @ 9:19am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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SSC Closed Alpha 1.1 released!
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Solar System Conflict,

is a Multiplayer Spacesurvival Game!
It is currently in Alpha Stadium and playable.
We want to release the Game over Steams Early Access.

The Main features of the Game:

- Build your own houses and facilities, stone castles, space stations(in space, on asteroids or on planets), wooden huts and much more (There are many different materials you can use to build your Stuff).
- Crafting and Farming: Harvest resources and craft equipment and cook food
- Survival: You need to eat and breathe. Also you will have to take care of the Environment (Temperature, Oxygen, Natural Disasters).
- Hunt different Aliens on different Planets.
- Different climate zones on each planet (for example equator, North pole.....).
- Different gravitation on each planet.
- Cooperate with other Players to survive, or fight against them to defend your belongings.
- Dynamic Day/Night shifts on each planet. Every Side of the Planet has its own Daytime.
- Huge Spaceships with machine rooms, control bridge and other rooms, that you can decorate yourself and place your own stuff in there.
- Big Mother ships give you the ability to hold fighters that can be controlled from other players or AI, to fight your enemies
- Fight in huge spacebattles
- Explore new technologies to get more futuristic space vehicles or better weapons.
- Upgrade your Spaceships with individual equipment like better armor, a shield generator, different propulsions, weapons.....
- Fight inside the Spaceships and defend or assault the control bridge, the hangar or other important rooms.
- In Game Events. For example, aliens can assault the solar system, the players need to work together now to survive and free the solar system from this threat.
- Discover ancient ruins. Some of them will have playable Quests.

Additional Information:

-Currently we use the time while the Game is in GreenLight to expand the alpha. If the game is in early access we will extend the game continuously.
-You can host your own server from your PC, with a smaller amount of players (2 - 20 Players), join a dedicated server hosted from a real server (50 - 300 Players) or play it alone in the singleplayer mode.
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