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Kitty Galaxies
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Jul 25, 2014 @ 4:44am
Apr 16, 2015 @ 1:51pm
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Kitty Galaxies Development Update #6 (Part 2)!
Let's Talk About Greebles!

So now the game has some awesome voice acting, let us talk about the graphics. Part of the problem with my being from a coding background is that I have had to rely upon assets made by outside providers for the 3D models and textures in the game. However my ethos for the use of such has been that if assets from outside sources are to be used, then they are all to be properly licensed, and used in a way which would distinguish their use from the potential use of the assets in other games.

Something which has come to the forefront in recent times is asset-flipping, where somebody takes an asset, and just drops it into a game, and then there, done, they call that a game and release it in a shoddy state which is insulting to the consumer. Although I imagine that this will be happening less and less as time goes on for games released on the Steam platform due to the recent advent of Steam's updated refund policy, at the same time I am very strong in my belief that a game that uses outside assets should always do their best to distinguish their game from the crowd.

With the above taken into account, over the past few weeks I found myself going back to the models that I have been using over the past year, and sprucing them up via the use of what is known as "greebles". These are fine details which add to an object’s surface complexity, making the object look more visually interesting. As such, I took some of the previously large flat surfaces on the models being used, added a bunch of extra objects to them, and now they look a lot different to how they looked before! Check these out:

Of course, these are only two examples, there will be plenty more by the end of development!

Adding Things Which Should Really Have Always Been In There

As you may have seen from the original Greenlight trailer, we never showed off an actual first-person perspective. And there is a very good reason for that. I was honestly not sure whether a first-person camera perspective should even be in the game. Wanting to distinguish the game from the likes of Star Citizen and Elite, I wanted to make a game which played very differently to them. In May I came to a realisation I should have come to last year: The game does play very differently to them, even if a first-person camera perspective were available to the user. So I got cracking on with implementing it in the game. As such, at time of writing the first-person camera perspective is in the game! Of course, the user can switch between first-person and third-person camera perspectives at will during the game. However, when using the first-person camera the standard game HUD you have seen in previous updates disappears, and the functions of the HUD are transferred to the instruments inside the cockpit. As of now the radar is working, with the other components still being worked on. Here is a very VERY (we cannot emphasize the word "very" enough) much work-in-progress screenshot ...

Almost Done For This Update

But before I sign off on this update I just wanted to note something. You may have noticed the change in tone in this update, from the writing being done using the "royal we", to a first-person perspective. I have realised that the whole talking in a 100% corporate way of referring to one's self in a third-person perspective is just not me.

I want to thank everyone for their support so far, there is still a long way to go, there is no release date set or even on the horizon, but I hope to bring you all a game that will be worth the wait.

And that brings this update to a close, if you want to catch up with Kitty Galaxies around the web then follow the Twitter account at @yanxengames, and if you have questions then send them in via out Twitter, or via the Kitty Galaxies Greenlight page or Indie DB page and I will try to answer as many as possible.

Sayonara until next time,

Iain McNulty of Yanxen

(Developer of Kitty Galaxies, fan of bright neon things)

Kitty Galaxies Development Update #6 (Part 1)!
One Year Ago ...

On the 17th April 2015 Kitty Galaxies was greenlit on Steam, meaning the game can be released on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers via the Steam platform when the game is ready. The game could not have done this without all of you being awesome and voting for it on Greenlight. Given the journey over the past year it honestly means more than words can convey. It has indeed been a difficult journey to get to this point and there is still a rocky road ahead, but I am grateful for all of the support you have given for the past three hundred and sixty-five days.

Kitty Galaxies was submitted to Steam Greenlight and unveiled to the world a year ago today. Back then the game was envisioned to be a much smaller game (and less grand an experience) than it is now in its current state. What was planned originally to be a quick three month project escalated in scale because the project had much more potential than three months would be enough to develop the game in.

The development has not been without multiple massive set-backs. There may be more set-backs in the future, but I will say now that one day the game will be released, and everyone who has waited will get to play it, and I hope that the wait will be more than worth it for you all. Honestly, I am in no rush to get the game finished, as I want the final product to be as good as it can be, rather than a rushed slap-dash boulder of lameness which so many games end up being these days. This game is as much a labour of love as it is a work of patience for myself. Although the game was first posted on Greenlight a year ago, the game was in development for a few months previous to that, so the game itself in at the time of writing (in terms of actual development time) is about 14 months old.

After the game passed Greenlight, I took a break from the main development of the game. The past few years have been a busy time for myself, so I decided to take a long-overdue and very much needed break from working on one project or another. Sometimes, you just gotta recharge your batteries, and the recharging was very much needed.

However, the batteries are now well and truly recharged, and I am looking forward to what the future holds with this little project.

Lost in Translation?

As might have been stated previously, I would like to release the game in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. However, budget constraints mean that the game upon initial release on Steam will only be available in English. I wanted to make it so that dropping in a translated version of the game post-release would cause minimal problems, as (funds-permitting) I am planning on adding in the various translations post-launch.

Now, the question is, how could this be made even easier with what is planned for the game? Read on ...

The Original Plan

Basically, for the in-game communications and cut-scenes, I was just going to record some garbage audio to be used in a way much akin to the radio chatter in Starfox (and also the unreleased Starfox 2), and like the Lylat language option in Lylat Wars (which was the European release of Starfox 64). The idea was that as long as the on-screen text is translated, and as long as it is made clear that the in-game characters are speaking an alien language, it does not matter what the audio sounds like. Since only the text needs to be changed, it makes any kind of translation job a ton easier! So that was the plan. "Was" being the key word.

Three weeks ago I saw a post on a Facebook group where someone mentioned a group of voice actors they had used in their game, I did a bit of research and within minutes the plan had completely changed.

The New Plan for the Audio (and Why)

So rather than just record garbage audio, I decided to distinguish the game from Starfox (which Kitty Galaxies has been compared to by many, and for good reason) by recording audio which was not quite English, but was not also random audio either, whilst also fitting-in with the comedic, ludicrous plot of the game. A lot of space combat games (including this one) have the whole "in-game video communication" thing, so given the direction of the game I decided to parody that somewhat with both the plot of the game, and also the "language" being spoken.

So who would be brave enough to undertake such a task (because let's face it, given the above direction most voice actors would run a mile for the sake of their career)? The ... VOICE ACTING POWER SQUAD!

They are a group of awesome voice actors who do a live stream on Twitch every Monday night where they record voice acting for indie games, and do a few other random spontaneous things too. I watched a few of their past streams and was completely sold on them! So I took the previous idea I had, and adapted it into something where I could use their talents.

As such, I spent a whole ten minutes (possibly fifteen) writing a guide on how the language of the game should sound. But in short, it is "sounds of the animal speaking, but the sounds being read out in English rather than the actual sounds". This was a great idea for two reasons:

1) Aforementioned translation implementation stuff being made easier to do in the long-run.

2) Due to the fact that the recording sessions would involve no actual proper script (just emotion guides), spoilers would be kept to an absolute minimum during the live-streamed recording process!

A win/win situation. What I was not expecting was the little guide recording I had made (at silly o'clock at night, so sounding exactly a thousand times more serious than I had intended to) to give an idea of how the language might sound being played on their live stream! XD So yeah, if you ever wanted to hear how I sound after very little sleep you should go check out the stream! But jokes aside, you should totally check out the stream, the team was hilarious and were a true pleasure to watch the next day (I was not able to watch the stream live, sadly due to time-differences between our two time zones, and my needing to be awake early the next day).

The stream can be found at, (if the time bookmark in the URL does not work then Kitty Galaxies is on from the 2 hour 56 minutes mark onwards).

I will say that if you happen to be developing a game and are reading this (and are looking for voice actors) then these guys come with a top recommendation from myself! Also after following them on Twitch (which if you have not done so already then you should totally do right now) you should find them on Twitter at @vapsquad and then follow them for more of their voice acting antics!

(Part 2 follows ...)

Release date: Q2 2018
Kitty Galaxies is an arcade style dogfighting space shooter! ...

Take on the Mad Mao space fleet to reclaim the invaded planets, completing a variety of objectives across multiple star systems. Select your fighter craft, and upgrade it with new weapons as you progress on your adventure, whilst always keeping the enemy in your sights!

  • A massive Campaign mode, spanning across the galaxies and beyond...
  • Battle fighter craft, fully-armed space stations, capital ships armed to the teeth, and colossal motherships just waiting to throw waves of enemies in your direction!
  • Enemy and friendly AI take the battles to the stars and beyond, take part in huge fleet battles to decide the fate of the galaxies.
  • Survival mode; Take on The Swarm and see how long you can last!
  • Three fighter craft to choose from, each with their own attributes.
  • Full controller support, along with the option to play with Mouse & Keyboard.
  • Fifteen weapons to blast the Mad Maos into the next universe!
  • A huge amount of upgrades and unlockables for Campaign and Survival modes, and lots of secrets waiting to be discovered...
  • No tacked-on multiplayer or crafting lameness, just pure single player arcade action!

We shall be updating this F.A.Q. over time.

Q. What formats will this game support?
A. Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Q. Is the game an open space exploration game?
A. Nope, there are many other games out there which are aiming to do that. This game is completely combat-orientated. There will be no exploration/crafting/mining lameness here.

Q. Will this game have a multi-player mode?
A. At launch? Hell no. After launch? Probably not. The game was never designed or conceived to be a multi-player game, and to release it as such would require additional resources that we plainly do not have. Plus it would require rebalancing of the entire game. The problem with multi-player is that to do it good it has to be done right. There are far too many games out there with a tacked-on multi-player mode which ends up populated by players for less than a week before they realise how shoddy the multi-player part is and move onto other games. If we want to add multi-player then we will be doing it after release, and even then it is highly unlikely that we will add it in for the sake of adding it in. If we do add it in then we will make sure it is done right, and is a compelling experience so that the player will want to come back again and again. We would also (if it were ever added) release any multi-player component as a free update to the main game.

Q. Will this game have crafting in?
A. Why in blue hell would it need crafting? This game is combat, combat, COMBAT, with a side-helping of COMBAT.

Q. Are the ships customisable?
A. Yes, each ship can fully upgrade it's systems and weapons as the game progresses.

Q. Can this game be played with an arcade stick?
A. Right now we are still testing the game with our USB arcade stick (we are using X-Arcade Twin Joystick), and although we have no official announcement to make in regards to that yet, during testing using an arcade stick has worked pretty darned well.

Q. Can the game be played with an Xbox 360 controller?
A. Yes it can, it can also be played using a Dual Shock 4 too.

Q. Can the game be played using a flight stick?
A. Indeed it can.

Q. So the game is a bit of casual, and a bit of simulation?
A. There really is something for every fan of space shooters here, be them hardcore or casual.

Q. Does this game allow full 3D movement?
A. It does indeed, the player can fly in any direction on the X, Y, or Z axes.

Q. Where are the cats?
A. We thought it is much better to show the actual gameplay first before the plot. Tibbles, Sparkles, and Paul will be introducing themselves very soon we can assure you ...

Q. Is there a demo available?
A. Not yet, but there is most definitely one in the works, which we are looking forward to releasing.

Q. Are you doing a Kickstarter?
A. Why would we need to? We have all the funds needed to complete development, and given this game is going to be distributed via digital download we have no need to do one as a means to take pre-orders. The other problem with Kickstarter (and IndieGoGo) is that a lot of developers are merely running Kickstarter campaigns as a means to promote their game when they already have the funds to complete development. We feel this is wrong, and a blatant abuse of crowd-funding platforms.

Q. Will you be releasing the game via Early Access?
A. Again, why would we need to? We feel that releasing an incomplete game would be wrong, as the second someone pays for your game it should be at the end of development, not mid-way or two-thirds though development. In our opinion, the only games that need to do Early Access are multi-player titles which require extensive balancing done to the game before it officially launches, and even then years ago developers would do this via open or closed betas, and not by having people pay to test their game as a glorified paid demo. Also there are far too many developers out there who are more than willing to abuse Early Access and/or Kickstarter, and by extension abuse the trust of their audience. We are not those types of developers, we want to develop and release a complete (and awesome) game for you all to play only when development has completed, unlike unscrupulous developers who would gladly take your money and run. However we will be releasing an awesome free demo for you all to play and try before the game is released, so check back here for details on that in the near future!

To keep up with the latest developments on the game visit us at, or follow the game on Steam Greenlight to be informed when the forthcoming demo is available to download!
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Jul 26, 2014 @ 1:03pm
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Media Breakdown Apr 28, 2015 @ 2:16pm 
That trailer track is still aweswome sauce. :)
Yanxen  [author] Apr 27, 2015 @ 3:51pm 
Thanks for the support, more to come soon ^_^
Media Breakdown Apr 26, 2015 @ 1:59pm 
So glad this was greenlit! Congratulations! :)
Dalax Apr 3, 2015 @ 3:01pm 
Frankie ITA Jan 16, 2015 @ 2:17pm 
This is a Great Game.
Shafylus Dec 15, 2014 @ 3:41pm 
Looks good, voted!
Media Breakdown Dec 12, 2014 @ 10:59am 
I clicked on "follow" on your game today. Now I'll be kept up to date on any news. :)
Yanxen  [author] Nov 23, 2014 @ 9:42pm 
@Media Breakdown: Ah yes I see now, although as development continues it seems that the rear-view (0:34, etc) is increasingly less useful for the player, so there is a chance it might be dropped, we will have to see as development continues.

We have always had the philosophy of engaging with the community as much as possible, as we know as fans of games ourselves we love being able to chat to devs of upcoming titles and such when the opportunity arises :) As for the Greenlight thing, although we are making updates more often now on the game's development, we thought we would hold back on the big marketing push until the demo is ready at least, that way we can maximise the "Yes" vote potential in one big load and such.

Thanks for the support everyone! We cannot wait to show you what we have in store for the next update!
Media Breakdown Nov 23, 2014 @ 4:51pm 
My apologies; I didn't expect anyone to animate a cockpit. I was just referring to the perspective changes in the video at 0:34, 0:57, 0:59, 1:03, 1:34, 1:39, and my favorite at 0:26. And I'm impressed at how involved your team is with the community; you looked up Terminal Velocity; you respond quickly; I'm really pulling for you to get out of Greenlight Limbo. :)
Yanxen  [author] Nov 21, 2014 @ 6:48pm 
@Media Breakdown: Sorry for the late reply, just had to get a little (big) something sorted for the next update which we are hoping to post tomorrow.

There is no first-person view in the trailer, we decided against having one, due to the sheer amount of space games out there where it has become somewhat of a trope to have an in-cockpit view and such. We would have had to have set aside more resources in order to model, texture, and also animate the character within the cockpit, which we felt was less important than the main gameplay itself. Although I did look up Terminal Velocity, it looks ace, reminiscent of a lot of the other games which inspired Kitty Galaxies ;)