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Natural born hunters, blessed by Hircine himself. The Vukasin hail from a secluded and little known forest in Tamriel, where they have thrived through the ages by living off the land and its many plants and animals. Generations of living in the wilderness has granted them a great understanding of beasts, as well as a certain level of immunity to diseases and poisons. Because of their canine features, Vukasin are often confused for werewolves at first glance. For that reason many misunderstandings have arisen concerning this noble race. It is uncertain what has brought Vukasin into Skyrim, but they are sure to make formidable allies, or enemies, for any who cross their path.

One-handed: 10
Archery: 5
Conjuration: 5
Light Armor: 5
Sneak: 5
Alchemy: 5

Racial Abilities
50% Disease and Poison Resistance
Claws (4x Unarmed Damage)

Starts with the Spells
Detect Life

Ideal Player Style
Warrior (Archer/Assassin)

I wanted to make a wolf like race without being attack by everyone in the towns or cities and this is what I ended up with. They are not overpowered I did not want to unbalance the game and I think they are lore friendly but i'm not sure on that and its my opinion.

If anyone want's to take anything from this mod or customize it and re-post it go ahead. I hate to add this fact in but there is a lot about making custom races I do not know about. I would enjoy to see what someone who know's more about making custom races could do with what little I have posted. With that out of the way I hope you have fun.

Here is a link to Vukasin on the Nexus.

If you would like to try a different wolf race check out the -Lykaios Race- made by KrittaKitty on the Nexus.
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Bvbfan101 Mar 28 @ 11:51am 
OK fix this. Please. The fur glows, it doesn't match up with the face, the females have no head, and it's really laggy. Lots of people like this mod, yes, but please fix it so that the fur doesn't glow and actually matches the fur on the face and the women have faces. Thank you for reading my grumpy comment.
Bvbfan101 Mar 23 @ 3:47pm 
When I first subscribed (last yeear) ther was a strange black line that went through my character's head. I hope it's fixed this time around.
mikesplace88 Mar 19 @ 6:34am 
this race needs to be fixed
ShawnSkunk Mar 12 @ 7:51am 
three things you need to fix on this mod

1. don't make the fur glow

2. the head on the female is not showing all i can see is the eyes and the mouth so you need to fix that

3. and finally give this playable race tails when i first tried this mod out i was wondering where the tail was give them tails
thomasrobbins Feb 28 @ 9:52am 
and siriously there is a fox like race mod, theres even a freking, rabbit like mod, the onlything that is missing is a wolf like race mod, this one comes close, but siriously GLOWING!!!!!
thomasrobbins Feb 28 @ 9:50am 
So i have one small complaint, i cant change the fur color, and the fur glows, i know that this seem like a small detail to you because thousands have complained of this before me and you have made no effort to change this, but this take awayfrom the mod the Vukasin's that you show in your pictures look cool enough, because there fur dosent glow, its very fooling just fix the glowing thing thats really the point of this whole novle like comment i am posting, just fix it its that simple, why even post a uncompleted mod anyway
HCrossley Feb 22 @ 2:38pm 
sorry if u wont fix the mod i think i am going to unsubcribe and un like
HCrossley Feb 22 @ 2:37pm 
my head is gone HELP!!!
HCrossley Feb 22 @ 2:30pm 
i think the glowing is cool
but umm is the little village in the forest a real part of this mod
Frisky Cheeto Feb 22 @ 12:56pm 
#TheBlueBanana just read the other comments lol, this isnt a new problem