Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Bill-X's Hotdog slap pack
If you need your dog slapped, this pack is for you.
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Improved Bots (Advanced)
Created by Ziggy
Simply subscribing to this addon isn't enough. There is a config file that you need to make a simple edit to in order to get the advanced features of this addon to work properly. If you do no...
Doom Super Shotgun
Created by Splinks2
Bringing 2D to 3D

A Proof of concept, I wanted to test out to see the result. I must say Im rather pleased how it came out

If you use a custom (cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor) distance please note this mod will not look right if the number is under 55 or ov...
Boxing Gloves
Created by Splinks
Replacement for the Frying Pan.
Still lookin on how to adjust the spawn rotation, so for now this will be considered Beta.
Dr. House's cane (Golf Club)
Created by Doktor haus
Dr. Gregory House's cane replaces the golf club. Not me, the other Dr. House. The less handsome, rugged one.Now you too can down pills, spout abuse, commit various medical violations and save the day! Includes new melee sounds.

Arleitiss - mo...
A Stick!!!
Created by Splinks
For all of your Dead Body Poking Needs!...
Baby BOOM!!!
Created by Doktor haus
Splinks' baby replaces the oxygen tank. Has a custom collision model and gas leak sound replacement.
Basically: Shoot... *giggle*... BOOM!!! Doktor haus does not endorse baby explosion if it can be avoided. If your baby shows signs of exploding, please co...
Toasty Molotov Sound Mod
Created by SnakeFist
This replaces the breaking glass sound of the molotov to that of Dan Forden of the Mortal Kombat series saying toasty.
This also works when shooting a gas can or an explosive barrel as they all use the same sound file....
Didgeridoo (baseball bat)
Created by Doktor haus
Right, here's a big whopping stick for all you Bruces and Sheilas out there. Only this time, she's all original. The great Prophet/Yogensia modelled and textured this Wallaby whopper from scratch, keeping the same basic model shape and Mr. Funreal's textur...
Kawaii Axe!
Created by ET
It's an axe. And it's kawaii.


so much kawaii 10/10

oh lord jesus it's a fire kawaii axe

1010/ will twerk for it
-ur mom

ugh, whatever mom

ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ) enjoy your internet...
DIO Holy Diver Guitar
Created by Tя!cky ツ
30th Anniversary Holy Diver Guitar (1983-2013)

DIO Concert Part 1 ... Click Here
DIO Concert Part 2 ... ...
Chainsaw - gold
Created by TOG | K1CHWA 2nd
a gold chainsaw
custom normal map
custom exponent map
mod works best on very high shader settings
(gold/gloss fx does not work on lower end pc)
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own
Lambda 4 Delta Paddle
Created by Prophet
This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it hurts me...

This mod Replaces the Cricket Bat from L4D2. It adds models and textures. No hud because it would conflict with other mods.

3D realtime preview available here[p3d.in]
Created by LaCostraMotra
The Desert Rifle gets replaced with a NERF based toy gun with slightly harder bullets than NERF bullets.. -IT'S NERF, OR NOTHING!...
Stay Puft replaces Boomer
Created by Stay Puft
Stay Puft bile.... mmmm. Like the title says, this replaces the boomer (and boomette) with Stay Puft....
Biled-Not the Bees! (Nicolas Cage)
Created by StalkingEmu
Simple - When you are biled on by a Boomer you'll here Nicolas Cage's immortal line from the 2006 horror film - The Wicker Man

*Fixed to be a lot louder to emphasize Nicolas Cage yelling

*I do not claim or own the audio - it is not mine

If you have any ...
Charger's rainbow
Created by Princess Twilight
Charger rainbow trail effect with sparkles!
For hunter...
Sabretooth Hunter
Created by Spartan464748
Sabretooth in the role of a hunter

-3d model and sounds from X-Men Origins: Wolverine game!

-right hand is a little wierd but you will not see it because he is to fast :P

Rafiki (Jockey)
Created by ℳℴℴℛℰ
Replaces Jockey...
SlenderMan V2
Created by Splinks2
This is a piece I wanted to do to help bring awarness of the fundraiser
"Narrators uNIGHTed"

This fundraiser was to help the 12 year old girl that was brutally attacked and
and stabbed a total of 19 times from two of her classmates that did so to a
Neon Suit Spitter
Created by Belphi
This is my Neon Suit Spitter the sixth of my collection -
Neon Suit Special Infected, she has a cool tattoo on her
waist, cause she is a total b!tch!

Macho Man Randy Savage (Tank)
Created by Stay Puft
This replaces the tank with Macho Man Randy Savage. Snap into a slim jim, oh yeah!...
Macho Man Randy Savage tankpack of the Slim Jim
Replaces the sounds of the Tank with those of the Grand Slim Jim Pope Macho Man Randy Savage.
Add beefy juicy taste! This soundpack octuples the machoness of the tank! Sounds are exclusively from the Randy Savage Slim Jim commercials.

[Update incoming,...
Macho Man Randy Savage tank music addon of Grandeur
Replaces the tank music with the Macho Man Randy Savage entrance theme (also known as Pomp and Circumstance).

A supplement for The Macho Man Randy Savage tankpack of the Slim Jim http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125375809...
Best Cry Ever for Witch
Created by TheMrGidwani
The witch's cry replaced by the 'Best Cry Ever'...
Lemonade Molotov
Created by GruM
you think you can burn somone's hous down with a lemon? NOPE! but you can always try with Lemonade...
Louis (Pain Pills)
Created by Anfrien
Replaces the Pain Pills with a Tiny Louis holding even tinier Pain Pills.

Features Louis screaming...
Giraffe Nurse
Created by Ground_Control
The stuffed Giraffe replace the Medkit....
Hatchetman Vending-Machine
Created by Talisman
Just a little something....
Car Battery
Created by Ground_Control
Car Battery replace the Defibrillator.

(Guys this is just a game do not try this at home.)...
Candy Ammo Pile
Created by Sprinkleź
A variety of candy boxes ranging from sweet to totally awesome.
Who needs ammunition when you've got perfectly un-expired confectionary....
Twinkies Box
Created by Sprinkleź
Rule #32 Enjoy the little things. Spongy, yellow, and delicious! A small finger-shaped sponge cake with a white synthetic cream filling. This mod replaces INCENDIARY AMMO....
Hohos Box
Created by Sprinkleź
HoHos are cylindrical, frosted, cream-filled cakes. These cream filled chocolate cakes have a pinwheel design based on the Swiss roll. This mod replaces EXPLOSIVE AMMO....
Laser sights
Created by ☂ℝΔ¿ℕ₂
Box with lasers [game Alien Swarm].
Replaces laser sights...
Mr. Willie Grenade Launcher
Created by lone ranger
BAM! Mr. Willie love bams, so make sure you use your grenade launcher....
RoboOne L4D1 Police Car
Created by Tя!cky ツ
It's RoboCop's OCP Interceptor aka RoboOne can be seen in No Mercy and other L4D1 maps.

Free Candy Van
Created by Lucy Fur
Free candy van made by Lucy Fur
I'm surprised that there is no "Free candy van" mods yet hmmhmmm here's my version :3
It's poorly done...
Crying Parker Flashlight
Created by Fruit
This is a picture of the face of Peter Parker crying from the first Spider-man Movie when Uncle Ben gets shot. This is my first steam workshop creation so please don't judge negatively until you try it. Anyway, Hope you enjoy!...
"The Price Is Right" Death Horn
Created by Grape
Replaces the death sound with the losing horn from The Price Is Right...
We Didn't Start the Fire Molotov sound
Created by biggiantcircles
Plays 4 seconds of Billy Joel's song We Didn't Start the Fire every time you throw a molly. Perfect music for trolling your teammates :)

I realize the looping point is not perfect, and I tried several methods to get around this, like speeding up the o...
Avenged Sevenfold Concert Part 1
Created by Frank
You Must download part 2 to play the mod properly,Both mods have to be installed and ticked(no matters if they are in red).


My First Addon,This Addon replaces the Default Concert Music F...
Avenged Sevenfold Concert Part 2
Created by Frank
My First Addon,This Addon replaces the Default Concert Music For Some of the A7X Songs.
The Songs Are:

-Welcome to the family
-Carry On
-Natural Born Killer
-So Far Away (Rescue Music).

I do not own the rights to this addon, rights owned by Wa...
Motley Crue Jukebox Music
Created by SnakeFist
Shot zombies And listen to songs off of Motley Crues Dr. Feelgood Album.

Can only add 7 songs as there is only 7 songs to replace in the jukebox can't add no more then 7.

After 33 years Motley Crue is retiring it was a wild ride while it la...
Spongebob Squarepants Patrick "WEE WOO" Mega Mob alert
Created by Slim
Replaces the Mega Mob alert sound with Patrick Star yelling "WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE WOO!"

Spongebob Squarepants is the property of Nickelodeon and Viacom.
Go! Pokeball! (Vomit jar)
Created by ɪяɪѕ
The pokeball from Pokemon replaces the vomit jar (Boomer bile bomb).
Be the Pokemon Master ! LOL !

Credits :
Model & Textures : Rafael De Jongh
Compile; Port; Rig; Sound editing : IRIS

This mod has been tested in MP, but maybe not as much as it s...
charger i believe i can fly
Created by Obscure
this replace the attack voice charger with sound music of ''i believe i can fly'' to do it a istant kill EPIC...
Benny Hill Jockey Ride Audio Mod
Created by Derpy Duck
This mod replaces the default audio when an jockey rides you and replaces it with the Benny Hill Theme.

Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any comments/requests.

Check out and rate my other Audio mods.

*Requested by Tkian, I know you love being ridde...
PC Screen - animated matrix code
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
an animated pc screen mod I put together for l4d2
43 frames of matrix code
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own
Created by ℳℴℴℛℰ
Kingdom Hearts
Gnome Replacement...
Nicolas Cage's Military Sniper
Created by Lucy Fur
Nicolas Cage's Military Sniper :3
El Swaggo
Created by Captain Space Gravy
This skin will give you 100 swag points, if you do not download it you're not cool....
Grenade Launcher MK IV
Created by RG_Predator
When you just can't get enough High Explosive. This grenade launcher features DRAMATICALLY increased damage and a 20 round clip, taking advantage of todays micro-electronics, proprietary RG-Predator propellents and refined HE compositions.

Made by reque...
Chain Mini Gun (M60)
Created by Zkeierea's Storage
Yes! This was made fo fun! The minigun has a handle in which the survivor can hold now! This thing is too fucking awesome! Thank Crowbait for this fun idea!

*****No it cannot spin like a regular chain gun, there is no mechanic in the game that would make ...
Pingas-Spas v1.2
Created by Skankhunt42
This is a sound mod replacing the spas shotgun sound. It is Dr. Robotnik from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog saying pingas. By the way, I should also have the chrome shotgun "piness" sound released as well pretty soon, and also a pump shotgun sound mod. ...
POW! Shotgun sound mod
Created by Doktir Jade
A little mod that replaces the shotgun and chrome shotgun's sounds with the TF2 Heavy's lines....
Pipe Bob-omb
* Replaces the Pipe Bomb (obviously)

- Custom Bobomb model, physics, & textures!
- Custom icons!
- Reflective gold bits!
- Jiggle-boned fuse!
- Glow in the dark eyes!...
Spas Chrome Skin
Created by RG_Predator
This is a skin only. This skin has been tested in conjunction with my Spas Mk II mod with no issues.

For those of you with legitimate issues, I appologize for them. If you post actual symptoms of the issue, I will attempt to troubleshoot the error with ...
Cylon's blaster sound
Created by CID_1973
Replaces scar shoot sound to Cylon's blaster sound....
Legend Of Zelda Item Pickup
Created by Captain Cowboy
This is my first addon! The addon changes the sound when you pickup an item, to the famous Legend Of Zelda pickup theme! Thanks for supporting my first ever addon!...
Fart SMGs
Created by The Mentalist (GR)
This mod changes the default uzi sound to a very funnier farting sound. It wasn't so easy to make this mod (espesially when you have to make the sound yourself not real fart but something like an anime one)

Please understand that it's hard to make this ...
Dead Space 2 HandCannon sound
Created by bd
This is known only by who played hard Dead Space 2.
Replace the sound of magnum with "Bang Bang"..........i can not discribe it better............
Duke Nukem's Gold Pistols
Created by Lt. Rocky
By popular request, I've re-released the Duke Nukem pistols with both handguns on the golden skin.
Damn, those zombie bastards are gonna pay for screwin' up my vacation. Replaces the pistols, on Arby's cz75 animations.

See the original version [url=http:/...
Sanic Hegehog
Created by Splinks2
Do U even go fast brah!?

Here's my offering to the countless suggestions I recieve each day
where all I recieve (resource wise) is a picture.

Let this be a lesson to you you all >:)

Original model made by Thecorp303:
Duke Nukem - High Detail (Coach)
Created by Lt. Rocky
My personal rehash of Mr Lanky's Duke Nukem model import. Includes the proper textures used in Duke Nukem Forever, alongside the addition of spectral masks and textures for ambient occlusion.

For the complete Duke experience, check out my Duke Nukem voice...
The Duke Nukem Voice Pack (For Coach)
Created by Lt. Rocky
The start of a more-or-less complete voice overhaul for Coach into that of the one and only King. I fell in love with Mr Lanky's Duke Nukem model import and felt the need to complete the look. As of the current version, this mod uses 800 sound clips of Duk...
Created by Splinks
Another Dino team has come to show that even tho this Century may have bark the Cretaceous Period will always hold the bite.

Rex = Francis
Snipp = Bill
Snap = Louis
Tink = Zoey...
Osama Bin Laden
Created by Splinks
SUBALUWA! (shove sound improved)
Created by Chiron Maximus
Since the one I found was a little buggy, I decided to make a better one. Of course, if the other one gets fix, I will take this one down, unless people want me to keep this one up. (edit) I am never taking this down and I have a hd video....
Defib Music: Don't Stop Believin' (Journey)
Created by Phil
Adds some music while defibbing....
Tim Allen common infected
Created by PaperGoat
Changes the default common infected sounds to the Tim Allen grunt....
Glorious Hunter Pounce Music
Created by Bansheebot
"Mmm, delicious Ultraviolence."

Now if only somone could make a Droogie skin for Hunters.

Replaces the music that plays while you are pinned by a Hunter for something with a bit more flair, specifically "The Anvil Chorus."

If the music does not lo...
Witch Sound - Ding Dong Song by Gunther
Created by Spicy Rarity
Changes the Witch music to the Ding Dong Song by Gunther. I do not own the song I only created the addon....
WKUK Abe Lincoln Smoker
Created by Utsuho Reiuji(/x/)
In L4D1, I had a soundpack that made the smoker Abe Lincoln from the WKUK skit(I think EvilDaedalus made it, not sure, if anyone knows please tell me); no one ever made it for L4D2, so I decided I would.

There are a couple soundfiles I did not change, I...
Boomer played by Michael from RoosterTeeth's RageQuit
Created by Anivasion
Everyone's favorite Rage Quitter, Michael from Rooster Teeth. I made this out of love.

Since making these example videos, I pumped up the sound volume a bit and changed out a few clips for a bit more variety. I have also made some tweaks to the durations...
Saints Row The Third - I Need a Hero Song (Finale Music)
Created by addbue

I Need A Hero song replacement for every levels Finale!



i KNOW this is a seperate song BUT it was IN the ending of SAINTS ROW 3...
Team America Ending Themes/Credits Music Mod
Created by Arphollik

Replaces the Ending Themes and Credits music with the Team America Theme (best known as "America Fuck Yeah"). Maybe I'll do a version for the music when the rescue arrives but the plan is still in the 1st phase
Edit: The Rescue Arrival Theme is...
GO! BWAAAH! (Pipebomb Mod)
Created by Fake Eyed Jones
Hear the best video quote from the popular internet video, "Go! Bwaaah!," you can now enjoy this in your favorite game L4D2! It replaces the pipebomb beep noise, the explosion, and the propane tank explosion, HURRAY!

ma othr mod:
kuma-Propane tank&Gas cans
Created by Maria Renard
replacement for Propane tank & Gas cans in L4D2....
Pump shotgun slugs
Created by Sableagle
For those times when blowing 9 big holes in 1 zombie at a time doesn't cut it, try blowing 1 VERY big hole in 9 zombies at a time....
CI replaced with Storm Troopers
Created by Stay Puft
Update: Now includes gore effects.

Like the title says, this replaces the common infected with Storm Troopers. Best suited for Star Wars themed levels.
Bend my D*ck to my A** Medikit healing sound
Created by Slim
Replaces the healing sound from the medkit with lyrics from "F*ckFace Unstoppable - Bend My D*ck"...
CEDA Fart Suit [Sound Mod]
Created by CrazyRabbitNZ
When you shoot a CEDA worker in a hazmat suit, usually it has a deflating sound. Now, when you shoot them they will expel the last of their gassy remains. A fart sound mod that I thought would be funny while playing a few days ago so I eventually made it a...
Master Sword & Hylian Shield
Created by Splinks
It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

~ This mod requires a custom melee script to be held and attached to the survivors' hands and backs properly. So any addons or campaigns that conflict with the katana.txt may make this weapon held...
Kokiri Link
Created by Pajama
Replaces Ellis with Link from Twilight Princess...
RoboCop 1987
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Your Move, Creep! ~ 1987 RoboCop as Nick ~

Mr. Lanky released this Nick skin back in 2011 but with no FPS arms.
So here is a "Mashup Verison" using CrazyRabbit's Nick arms.
I've done some minor texture adjustments on both, then added a HUD Pic....
Stabber [Adrenaline]
Created by green
Replace adrenaline shot with knife :P
Still work like adrenaline but stabbing looks funny....
2 of us - Low player count mutation
Created by SabreXT
Rebalances the game to make it fun for 2 players. You can still play 1-4 players if you want.

Sometimes, you just can't get 4 people together, the bots can feel like dead weight that eat your medkits, but you need 4 people worth of guns to play the game...
Airplane Launcher
Created by Ellie
This mod replaces the Grenade Launcher Pellet by an... airplane ?! Yeah, what would be more logical than an... airplane launcher ?
Anyway, like the Pizza Party mod, the goal of this mod is not to make the game more realistic, but just a lil' bit funnier.....
AK47 Thomas Jefferson Zombie Killer
Created by Thomas Jefferson
This is Thomas Jefferson's, personal, zombie killing rifle. AK-47.
-Declaration of Independence Engraving
-Betsy Ross Flag Sticker
-Star Engraving
-Burned In Face
-Signed By Thomas Jefferson Himself

HyperMetal - original animations
arby26 - animation re-r...
B.I.G Plastic Fork
Created by Redogg
just a plastic fork that replaces the crowbar
thanks to buu342 for helpin me as always with some stupid shit

PART OF THE COLLECTION- plastic knife https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=389341209

gamebanana link: http://l4d2.gamebanana....
B.I.G Plastic Knife (Replaces the machete)
Created by Redogg
heres ma goodies
this B.I.G plastic knife replaces the machete in game
spacial thanks to skubba
and just thanks to buu342 for trying to help me to solve some problems
(I edited the image of the item wrong its says replaces the crowbar but i meant to say ma...
Can of Whoop Ass
Created by Tя!cky ツ
Replacement HD Texture can skin for Pills 💊👀💊
Candy Shotgun (PUMP Shotgun)
Created by Prophet
"Santa's little helper..."

This is my entry for Gamebana's Winter Warfare contest[gamebanana.com].

This is the Pump (wooden) Shotgun version of the mod. [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedeta...
D concerto (Scar)
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the scar,It has a new sound,It has a new way of holding.There is a certain fluorescent effect.interestingly,It has some notes.But my ocd is not recommended to use it, but also to welcome you to tryThank you for your attention to my WORKSH...
DH-17 Blaster Pistol (Star Wars)
Version 1.1
- Fix world model when holstered.

Blanec, I'm back for now is today is new Star Wars weapon series release is DH-17 Blaster Pistol, they are not Carbine like Legend, but they are pistol firing in full automatic mode with Blanec's Advanced D...
Coach & Cheeseburger (Magnum replacement)
Created by Sterconium
The one man cheeseburger apocalipse has started!
Join the cheeseburger apocalipse with the official "Coach & Cheeseburger" Magnum handguns!
Let the bullets come out Coach's ass to blast enemies with the Cheeseburger power!
The Cheesburger is the clip (i...
Star Wars Green Lightsaber [Katana]
Created by Nicky_Da_B
Star Wars

In the days of the Old Republic the color of your blade signified your role in the Jedi Order. Green blades were usually wielded by Jedi Consulars. Consulars sought to bring balance to the universe. They focused less on physical combat ...
Holy Guns (original Pistols replacement)
Created by Sterconium
Bring the holy justice with the canonized Pistols of the Christ.
Scultped from the stone of the Ten Commandments and adorned with consacrated gold from the Vatican treasures, the Holy Guns will let the Lord guide your bullets to the holy massacre of the i...
Katana - KF2 Katana Animations
Created by Lt. Rocky
This is the regular ol' Katana on Killing Floor 2's Katana animations.

This is compatible with retextures.

Modder's Resource

The source files for the Katan...
Kitana's steel fans (machete)
This replaces your default machete with Kitana's Steel fans from Mortal Kombat 9. Fits nicely if you have my Kitana mod :3...
M4A1 Toy Jones (M16) 玩具奇兵
Created by 槐音Grsomiprs
This MOD modifies the M16,It has a new sound.The M16 from CSOL,It is composed of lego bricks,I hope you can like it, welcome to my WORKSHOP.

Mars Attacks' Martians
Created by Splinks

Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Outfit Replaces Nick
Created by LadyValencia
Annie, are you OK?
So, Annie, are you OK?
Model incudels:
First person arms
Eye posing
In-cap photo
in game icons

Model create by Coin-goD and GTADedan <3 Please give them all the credit, i...
Nicolas Cage "Dark Carnival Games" mod [HD]
Created by Waterpater
This changes the games at Dark Carnival Nicolas Cage style....
Pizza Party
Created by Ellie
I don't remember how long ago I did that mod, must have been ages, I don't think I had already found out about the RNG when I created that...

This mod is Pizza Party, a collaboration with Jules that actually ended up doing nothing. It replaces th...
Potato | Boomer
Created by [NO NAME]
Potato | Boomer
Mod which change Boomer model to Potato

How to install :
1.Click subscribe button.
2.Open game .
3.In Main menu go to ADD-ONS.
4.Select "Potato | Boomer ".

Congratulations,you install the mod. :3 [/spoi...
Razer Spas-12
Created by Runu™
Razer has stepped up the game.
Commisioned by: MapleNinja

SE-14C Blaster Pistol (Star Wars)
Version 1.1
- Fix world model when holstered.

Blanec, I'm back for now and today, I will bring new Star Wars weapon mod to bear is SE-14C Blaster Pistol, replaced MAC-10 SMG, not a pistol, as I was creator to all Star Wars firearms and First Order/Resi...
shrek coach
Created by Ground_Control
shrek replace coach.
my first model replacement.
report some bug....
Stan "The Man" Lee
Created by CrazyRabbitNZ
Stan Lee replaces Bill


Stan Lee (born Stanley Martin Lieber, December 28, 1922) is an American comic book writer, editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor, voice actor and former president and chairman of M...
Ultraman - Supeshiumu Ray
Created by ClearSkyC
Seen ultraman, you should know what is this
Add this should be better http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=618501360

Internet - Model/Texture/Sound
ClearSkyC - Animations, rig, sound editing, texture modifications, compil...
Undead Smackdown
Created by KILLER 9639
My first attempt at a campaign! be nice.

Undead Smackdown is a campaign based on the journey to an arena where a wrestling match between the wrestling legends Ric Flair and Randy Savage was going to take place. However the infection spread forcing the m...
xXx MLG Chrome Shotgun xXx
Created by Dem
Snoop Dogg approves m8...
Sandy Spitter
Created by Supreme
Replaces the Spitter with Sandy.

I might make another replacement for the Spitter cos' Sandy really doesn't work to well on the Spitters skeleton.

Thanks again to 4sng_Respawnz for some extra screenshots.

No voice yet....
Wreck-It Ralph
Created by Doktor haus
Wreck-It Ralph replaces the charger. Has first-person arms too. Get the sounds & music here.

SEGA (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed) - model, textures
Apoc Hedgie ...
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Best pack of hotdogs ive ever downloaded. If you want to have fun with your hotdogs out this is what I would choose.