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Great TF2 Workshop Items
This is a collab of great TF2 items thoughout the Workshop.
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Backstabber's Boomslang
Created by Bone-Chilling Psyke
This soft-scaled accomplice is capable of holding bobby-pins. small magnets and other electro-disruptive spy-gear.

Just don't leave it unattended around small critters or docile avians.

Comes with lods!
Jiggleboned body and jaw!
glowing eyes!
Blood Banker
Created by Svdl
Pretend to be your favourite accountant, banker or treasurer, then laugh all the way to the bank as you plan on killing everyone in it.

One style due to importer limit, paintable dress shirt.
Other style is a new submission here.
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Boatman's Beard
Created by Sparkwire
grizzled happy man

Concept and Texture: Texman
Model: Sparkwire
Facial flexes: Jpras
SFM: MaGGoT4th...
Commendably-Collared Coat
Created by Roo
Fact: The bigger your collar is, the better you are at everything. With this, you're bound to conquer at least one asteroid (probably not THE Asteroid, though)....
Duck Season
Created by Hamley
Let the hunt begin! But beware this Mallard is packing some serious heat!

Comes in warm RED team yellow and cool BLUE team yellow....
Gamblers Gear
Created by RetroMike
Not so lucky for the rabbit. -Scout

What gambler would be seen without their good luck charm and chips?

Hanged Mann
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Inspired by TF2 Comics "Unhappy Returns"
Looks to Kill
Created by Constructerror

UPDATED ON 12/7/2013:

- Updated mesh to not clip with sniper's animations
- Gave it a snazzy new finish
- Normal maps!...
Killer's Cola
Created by Berry❤
Cold to the bone!

700 tris, 1 LOD, unpaintable.
Thanks to bakscratch for SFM previews and the map used in his previews.

Why is it not for the demoman too?

Because it looked bad with the shading on the Demoman model behind his grena...
Macho Mann Glasses (Style 3)
Created by crazy-g
Third 'Goose' style of Macho Mann Glasses imported with tool. See the original here:
Mans Best Friend
Created by Ducksink
who needs friends when you can buy items

Style: Publisher

paintable, 2 lods, all class

Other style :
Mr. President
Created by Dusty Showbiz
The history book's never told you that Lincoln was a Rocket Launcher weilding maniac huh!

*Facial Flexs

Thanks to Neo for Facial Flexs!...
The Archimedean Perspective
Created by kf.hammond
The Canberra Closeup
Created by Wowza
Are you ready for your close up?

SFM promos by DatDrunkenSoldier.

Part of the Smashing Safari set.
2 LODs....
The Civil Suit
Created by Midnight™
You got a problem? I'm your man.

Includes 1 LOD and a paintable tie.

Model: Midnight Wolves
Texture: DANGeR21
Wallpapers by by Kunoichi:
The Class Act
Mod release and witty discription coming soon...
The Cleaner's Cuban Surprise
Created by FakeZooPatrol
There's no better way to hide the smell of your enemy's rotting corpse than the sweet stench of a stogie....
The Cog Glitter (resubmitted)
Victorian style fireproof non-functional headgear for your friendly neigh.... no, that's another guy... for your favourite pyromaniac! Gears of Wrath

Edit #1: Made hat available for Pyro/Medic/Engie

Edit #2: Fixed blurry thumbnail image

Edit ...
The Companion
Created by Rotzlöffel
Introducing the consumer version of our most popular military-grade product: The turret

Please take a look onto my other workshop item too ;)
The Cold Warrior
Created by Hawf
"There's no one better suited to shape the American/Soviet Policy than a crazed patriot from America's heartland."

A remade version of my old Cold War Wrap...
The Cuban Conspirator
Created by jnazaren
The spy was creeping his way through Cuba, when he came upon the Cuban Conspirator, and decided that his cigarette case needed a little upgrade!

The Cuban Conspirator is a remodel and retexture of the spy's original cigarette case disguise kit, compiled...
The CunningMann
Never get in trouble for punching jukeboxes again! Or get in more trouble? We don't make the rules....
The Gentleman's Accessories
Created by AwPAsD
Simply put: the greatest hat ever. Now with 200% more pootis!

(doesn't actually include pootis and isn't the best hat ever)

Also: the name is not important. I just wrote in something because i couldn't think of anything. Stop complaining in the com...
The Heavy Medicine
Created by Vomitrocious
Now imagine a gun that shoots test tubes filled with unknown liquid.

Paintable and stuff.

Mod release:
The Open Surgeon
Created by Rozzy
It can get a little hot practicing medicine in the dusty chasms of Dustbowl....
The Smissmas Army Knife
Created by Marty
Who is the Smissmas Army? Why does Smissmas even need an army?

Who cares! You found this fancy little knife in the bottom of your Smissmas stocking in February, and it's time to put it to use!...
Tracker's Jacket
Created by multitrip
The world's best jacket....
Wally Pocket
Created by HJ
To be or not to wallaby?

Fully paintable....