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This information is to acquaint you with our current process of development
Release date: Fall, 2016 (expected for pre-alpha)
Description of project

1993. Russia is suffering from an economic crisis. Factories are being closed one after another. The northern part of the country has also been affected by these incidents. An accident occurred at the biochemical factory located in this area near a village. This led to an evacuation of the population from a territory of 500 square kilometers, but a special part of that district was fenced in. It was surrounded by a concrete wall constructed to keep everyone outside of the area. You, and possibly others, didn’t make it out of the area before it was closed off from the outside world. You are trapped inside the looming concrete walls. You must now fight for your survival by any means necessary. You must forage and hunt for food as well as protect yourself from wild animals and possibly other people trapped inside with you. You must find shelter to survive the unforgiving nights. As you do so, you will very likely encroach on the demesne claimed by someone other than you. The animals of the wild have laid claim to this forgotten land. This is now their demesne. You’re in their world, now…

Our desire is to combine all the survival aspects of the games you’ve come to love and incorporate beautiful graphics and a much more realistic survival experience. There are no supernatural elements here. It’s you against the things that you would be experiencing in a real survival situation.

It is not the kind of a game that bores you after a couple of days. It’s a really challenging and realistic project where you have to survive. You will have to hunt, pass the cold rivers of the Taiga, find friends, live in caves or buildings and constantly fight for your life as you explore the beautiful forested areas and man-made structures found on the map!

The game will not contain zombies, monsters and anything like that. You will find real human beings and animals found in the real world.

You will not find any weapons or items that would not exist in these places and years.

Our game is for those of you who want to experience fishing, hunting, exploring nature, adventuring and surviving in the truest sense of the word. If you want to feel yourself in extreme survival circumstances - this game is for you!


What will you be doing in our game?

The main objective of the game is to survive in the taiga.

Explore the territory on foot or by alternate means. (Vehicles such as a trucks, horses, etc.)

First of all, you will have to hunt, earning yourself the meat, skin, bones, tendons, etc. If you have no means to cook the meat, you may eat it raw. If you eat the meat raw, you will risk being poisoned or becoming ill. You can also use meat as bait for predators and for fishing.

* With skin you can craft cloth, belts, rope, bags, tents and sleeping bags.
* With bones you can craft needles, glue, wild game calls and fish-hooks.
*Sinew can be used for thread and rope. Players will also be able to build a temporary shelter and pitch a tent.

It will be necessary to monitor your clothes, so that they are in the good condition, such as dry and warm. You will be hungry. You will always be afraid of someone or something. It will be cold and wet. You will be ill and damaged.

The game will have weapons and gear.

* The firearms will only be hunting rifles and semi-automatic pistols, with the gate and the front sight; combined.
* The bladed weapons will be knives, axes, spears and bows.
* The fishing gear will be: loops, traps, fishing rods and so on. These all can be used by player as a means of self-protection.

After the release of the alpha version, the game will include Russian cars.


What animals will you encounter within the territory?

Primary Enemies: Wolves. They are very defensive and dangerous because you are encroaching on their territory. Grappling with them is almost always fatal and will end your game. Wolves can appear one at a time or more rarely in packs of three or more. Think twice before you shoot at an unarmed man, because the wolves can hear the shot and move in on you quickly and without mercy.

* Predators: You will encounter fierce predators such as the aforementioned wolves, as well as tigers, bears and lynx.
* Herbivores: You will also encounter more docile animals such as deer, roe deer, wild boar and elk.
* Fish: When you cast your line with hopes of catching dinner, you can possibly catch grayling, goldilocks, pike, catfish, carp and chum.
* Game birds: There will also be birds to hunt for food such as pheasant, grouse, mallard and teal.

Recommended system requirements Demesne

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8
Video: supports DirectX 11 with 1 GB of memory
Processor: Two core
Memory: 4 GB
Approximate grade for Nvidia / Intel: Nvidia GTX 560, Intel Core i3-530
Approximate grade for AMD: AMD Radeon HD5870, AMD Phenom II X2 565

Project page:
Skype: adndima
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