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Abyss Cave
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Jul 16, 2014 @ 2:55am
Jul 18, 2016 @ 8:01am

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Release date: Q2, 2015
Abyss Cave
is a kind of Tower Defense Game with action strategy. Interested in exploring the mystery of the universe, you will set foot on the journey for ancient ruins with your robot partner X. You will face the Orcs and soldiers hovering around the entrance, underground rock guards, ancient guards and evils.
In the game, you can adopt five different kinds of auto fight unit at the same time. With X connecting to main engine, each fight unit can update to get a stronger attack force and defensive power. At the same time, it will also consume more resources.
During the game, you need two kinds of resources, parts and power. Power is provided by natural powerful rock in the underground. But parts are got from soldiers after killing them.

You can own two kinds of active skills at the same time. One is the ordinary shooting skills which can update to higher level with the game process. Another is the special attack skills. You can get howitzers at the earlier stage and ancient machine as auxiliary attack in the later stage. Besides, your partner X will get an auto skill to assist you to fight and explore.

Background Story
In the era of magic and technology, as a legend inventor, you are always creating all kinds of robots with your wisdom to help people fight with evil magicians, and traveling all over the world with your walking mobile fortress. Nobody knows your age but they know all kinds of your endless legends and stories. You have a young figure but you also wear a mysterious mask. It is said that when people get close to you, they can only hear the mechanical sound from you inside body without the beat of heart. Therefore, the legend goes that you are totally a robot but no one is sure about that.until,one day, You got a challenge from the mysterious magician books and maps.
  • The active attacks skills include to damage, slow movement, terrify and knock up.
  • Your AFU can use energy electromagnetic technology, high-speed penetrate missile, laser pulse, high-voltage shock, laser maneuver dart and block trap.
  • Your partner X will erect the space transmission channel and put AFU onto the place you need. At the same time, he will fix and recycle AFU. After updating, he will also help you to fight.
    The following things I need to do:

  • Great ancient ruins settings including puzzle resolving.
  • Guards and evils equipped with different attack ability.
  • You will face the boss fight.
  • Your AFU has different functions. How to use them in the later stage is a headache. :)
  • such as more reasonable UI, better picture and full sounds.
    ..... I hope you like and need you support.

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