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Portal Stories: Mel
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Jul 26 @ 3:32pm
Oct 23 @ 7:35am
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Portal Stories: Mel Soundtrack sample!
November Development Update.
Release date: Early 2015
Portal Stories: Mel is an upcoming free to play mod based in the Portal universe.
It tells an entirely new story about a new protagonist called Mel who travels with a new personality core and faces a new, still unknown threat.

In the early years of Aperture: Science Innovators, Cave Johnson’s scientists rushed to get everything working to catch up with the growth of the company. Not everything worked as it should have. Mel unfortunately took part in a faulty test called the Aperture: Science Innovators Short-Term Relaxation Vault, falling asleep for years. Now, with a fake Cave Johnson telling her she needs to escape the facility and a new device called the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, her mind races with questions. “Who is this imposter Cave Johnson?” “What happened to the facility and its staff?”

"What happened to me?"

Main Features
  • 20+ Puzzle and exploration filled maps
  • Custom Story and Dialogue
  • Custom Textures, Models and Animations
  • 70s Prototype Portal Gun
  • Free to Play (You must own Portal 2)
  • Logic based puzzles, not execution based puzzles

Get ready for an incredible adventure taking place in the gap between Portal 1 and Portal 2 with Portal Stories: Mel.


Q: How much will this cost?
A: It will be free!

Q: Why not just release it as a map pack on the workshop?
A: A few reasons:
- We have hundreds of mb's custom content, the size of some of the maps with the content included just wouldn't fit on the workshop.
- Easier download and install
- Easier updates, you will always have the latest version
- Easier localization, subtitles in your favorite languages!
- Ability to change some more things like menu's, custom sounds etc.

Q: Does this require Portal 2?
A: Yes.

Q: When are you planning on releasing?
A: Q1 2015. So before April 2015.

Q: How long has this mod been in development?
A: Over 3 years now!

Q: Are you allowed to put Portal 2 mods on Greenlight?
A: Sure! There have even been two Portal 2 mods already been released.

Q: Is this mod any good?
A: We like to think it is, but you can already check some work of our individual members:

Lpfreaky90 : Project lead for Portal Stories Mel, level designer.
Known for: project lead on Aperture Valentine

LoneWolf2056 : Level designer, lead detailer.
Known for: creator of the Dilapidation series
Creator of the Reconstruction Series

Tmast98 : Level designer, detailer.
Known for: project lead on The Winter Testing Initiative
Creator of a lot of other awesome maps

MissStabby: Modelling and texturing.
Known for: Portal 2 Marriage Proposal Project
Various Animation projects

Lamarr: Animator.
Known for: Portal 2: Reprecussions mod

Dr. Doozer: Story writer, voice acting, music.
Known for: 1187
Cry of fear[]

Harry101Uk: Voice acting, music.
Known for: His Portal 2 video's

DragonMaster: Voice acting
Known for: various games!

Q: Can I help playtesting?
A: Not at the moment, we've got playtesting covered!

Q: I have more questions!
A: Feel free to ask them! We'll try to answer them as soon as we can!

For media enquiries:
Please contact us with an e-mail address from your website at
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Nov 22 @ 7:08am
Will there be a soundtrack?
Aug 31 @ 7:59pm
Oct 28 @ 2:13pm
My name is Mel
Foxy The Swooty Booty Pirate
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Vicenterfrost 8 hours ago 
that looks so good you would pay for ( not much but something that serves them )
tlacroix 8 hours ago 
those turets remid me of the ones used in apperature tag. i wouldn`t actualy be surpriesd if they were.
Braves246 10 hours ago 
I have a QUESTION... Will this story take place before or after Thinking With Time Machine? And does this story take place before or after Aperture Tag?
BishopAdams 10 hours ago 
i have only one question ... is it better than thinking with time machine? (the story in twtm was good but the cutsceans and game mechanics where buggy in places, tell me your mod isnt :3 )
Tmast98  [author] Nov 20 @ 2:18pm 
@The100guy, THe mod will be downloaded through steam, so no manual installation will be required on the player's end.
The100guy Nov 19 @ 3:10am 
i see some great potential here. one thing i want to know though is that the "new" portal gun? it looks like a prototype model of the one from the actual game. and keep up all that good stuff going on! And one more question, will the mod have a readme text file with installation instructions? And (ok, i lied about that one more question thing) does this mod have many files that go different places, or will it just be one or more files that go in one directory? sorry.. too many questions... i should stop... I'm just SO EXCITED!
Quacking Bad Nov 18 @ 1:57pm 
Will this mod be a nonlinear mod?
LeoSniper1402 Nov 17 @ 4:37am 
This mod will have subtitles in Portuguese?
Lexor987 Nov 14 @ 4:00pm 
@Lpfreaky90 thanks for the reply . I hope that there are also subtitles in Italian :D
[Ps:Mel] Lpfreaky90  [author] Nov 14 @ 2:56pm 
@Lexor987: The Voicelines will be English only, but we're trying to get subtitles for as many languages as possible when we release!