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Jul 14, 2014 @ 8:06am
Feb 22 @ 4:35pm
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Progress Update February 2017
News Update
Today I have added a new set of never before seen images depicting the game as it is today. I have held back screenshot updates since the Greenlight campaign started, but today I am sharing new images to show you guys how far things have come and how complete the product is.

Yesterday evening I did some more online testing in my closed beta test. I was helpful in that I found some bugs I didn't realise were there, but it is looking like the game is just about stable enough to prepare for release.

The next announcement is likely to detail the release date. As always, questions are welcomed.

Solo Mode
As promised, I have successfully setup solo mode in the game. This will give you a single player experience where you can explore premade worlds and complete mini goals for NPCs. This allows people to enjoy a private game where they can build and roleplay in peace. The first EA release will contain one town to visit and build in, with 5 mini goals to complete.

Progress Update January 2017
I have been working on the game daily since December 1st after taking a break over November.

I need to tackle a list of bugs that I've reduced from 50 odd to just 9 in the last few months. I also need to finish Workshop integration, and implement a tutorial.

I am hoping I can have a gameplay video ready in February, and hopefully a release date set then too.

Single Player Mode?
ProtoMasons is meant to be a miniature virtual world builder, designed for multiplayer, that has life simulator elements, packed with small minigames to bind the gameplay together. Once the game is in EA, I hope to greatly expand on the minigames and novelties so players can have hours of content to explore.

It has come to my attention that sometimes it might be necessary to play alone. While you could choose to host a private server and play with NPCs, I feel like there should be more on offer, because the game mechanics rely on at least two people in some cases (especially the medical system, where you need someone to help you with things like surgery or the IV Fluid machine).

I've decided I will start implementing a single player campaign, which will allow you to explore pre-built enviroments, with specialised NPCs. The single player mode will still let you build a house, place furniture, and enjoy the life simulator elements, but you will be able to interact with a story driven by NPCs. There will be a limited introduction of this in the release, but it will be heavily scaled back to begin with. The single player story will be updated frequently after the game is released on EA.

ProtoMasons is still primarily a multiplayer game, but the single player features should be considered a complementary extra for the time being. Questions welcomed.

Hope 2017 is good for everyone so far. Thanks for reading.

Release date: TBD
Feb 2017 update: Brand new screenshots of the game have been released on this page.
Jan 2017 update: ProtoMasons has been developed over the past couple of years and it has changed significantly. I hope to release the game this year by February or March. I hope to deliver new screenshots and a video soon, but I have been withholding any media updates to the Greenlight page so far.


ProtoMasons is a unique freewill building game and life simulator, where players can create structures, manufacture products, and build electronics.

Players must also look after themselves by cooking foods, developing medicines, and researching technology. The game is designed to be a multiplayer experience but can be played in single player.

You play as a "Protomason", a specialist jack-of-all-trades engineer who can assemble material with the aid of a high-tech robot, known affectionaly as a "proto-pal". "Protomasons" are tasked with establishing new architecture on empty land.

Unlike other games with crafting and building themes, ProtoMasons is based on a simplified version of real world manufacturing, where all factory machines are mini-games, with the outcome of the mini-game influencing the quality of what you make.

  • Planned Workshop support; custom object and map mods, save and screenshot sharing.
  • Manufacturing system lets you create materials, goods, and electronics either by hand (using one of five factory minigames) or with machines that you build yourself.
  • Architectural designer lets you plan building blueprints which are constructed by robotic "Proto-pal" helpers, allowing you to make anything from small buildings to tall towers.
  • Simplistic electronic engineering system lets you create devices (such as desktop computers) starting with the individual components inside of them.
  • Featuring a simulated microworld with randomly occuring organisms, where players can either engineer their own bioweapons or help to research and find cures.
  • Fight illness and disease using medicines and hospital equipment to research, diagnose, and hopefully cure players (don't die or you'll be stuck as a ghost!)
  • Day / night system with simulated weather and daylight hours based on real-world patterns, complete with seasonal temperature changes
  • The fun doesn't stop when building is over; grow food, cook meals, decorate buildings with furniture, send robots into space, create artwork, and more.

    Developer comments
    ProtoMasons is a solo effort and I've been working on it since late 2013. It is not yet available for download, and it is still in development. In an ideal world, I'd like to first release it on Steam first, with the help of the community.

    The game is about combining ideas from real-world manufacturing and building, and presenting it in a fun, simplified way. Everything exists in a highly interactive world to add purpose to what you do. This is my take on what a sandbox game should be.

    Because it is still in development, there is a lot I have chosen not to show (don't want to spoil it all anyway). The visual style is reforming and changing a lot too, but you can get a fairly good sense of what it will be like from the video.

    Looking forward to any questions you may have.
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beachbum111111 Jun 7 @ 5:17pm 
So when are you making a second autobiography?
Alkatjo May 20 @ 11:34pm 
Icy, what the fuck are you doing?
Jargoons  [author] May 19 @ 8:41pm 
Lobbies are working, mostly. That is good news. Looks like port forwarding can be optional. Anyone can host a game without worry. This makes me think it might be beneficial to create extended minigames that can be played with anyone via lobbies, e.g a connect four object that can be used to play a game with people outside of your server (I'm thinking ahead of course, that would be post-EA work).
gullmio May 15 @ 7:28am 
Jargoons  [author] May 14 @ 7:28pm 
Update: at the moment I'm just experimenting with Steam matchmaking / lobbies. The game currently has a traditional "port forward and host" setup. I think I can retrofit lobbies into it, but if not I'll just leave that for a later date.
gullmio Feb 23 @ 7:53am 
Looks great, thanks for responding
specturesque Feb 23 @ 1:03am 
Great! It shows just how much work you've put into this over the last couple years! Can't wait for the next news update
Jargoons  [author] Feb 22 @ 4:11pm 
I've added some brand new photos to the Greenlight page. These are modern images of the game as it is today, a huge difference to the old photos from 2015.
Jargoons  [author] Feb 22 @ 2:47pm 
Hello, thanks for asking. Beta testing is currently closed, it's being conducted by myself and some friends of mine (a combination of software engineers and computer science undergraduates). Once the bigger bugs are ironed out I'll prepare it for EA release, which is looking very close now, and then anyone who wishes to help improve the EA release can do so.