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Wonky Pigeon!
Platforms: PC, Mac
Players: Single-player
Jul 14 @ 6:58am
Aug 5 @ 10:01am

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Release date: December 2014

The game is about a pigeon who likes shooting "poo" over people.

Game Play

The game is a 3D Arcade Shooter, a great game play mechanism. We play as the pigeon and need to shoot the various "enemies" with poo before moving to the next level. Levels are unique, as every enemy has unique weapons, also regard how fast a player is, how quick he can react and assess to enemy reactions.

Game World

The game is made in cartoon Art- style. We have different worlds, which also come with independent and different alternative locations .

  • A lot of unique and challenging levels, do you think, that you are a Pro Gamer? Try "Wonky Pigeon!" and you will challenge yourself!
  • A lot of enemies with different weapons ready to defeat you!
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Jul 17 @ 9:39am
SteamOS / Linux support?
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Shafylus Dec 15 @ 4:01pm 
Looks good, voted!
Just more trash...
Bilisi Sep 16 @ 1:15am 
Where is the Turkish language ?
krazedlion Sep 14 @ 1:58pm 
Looks fun! Good luck!
Ba Dum Tss Sep 9 @ 1:38pm 
Nice game, voted
Bomoo Sep 9 @ 1:00pm 
This is glorious.
MickeyG Sep 3 @ 8:03am 
would pay $5 for/10
botus Sep 3 @ 1:42am 
another simulator?
I think it could be very funny game when it will be completed.
Ravironio Aug 16 @ 1:14am 
I thought this was called "STUPID PIGEON!"?
Tank Aug 13 @ 10:04am 
а можно будет на статую накакать?