Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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AWP Double Doors Training
Game Mode: Classic
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Jul 13, 2014 @ 2:36pm
Feb 21, 2015 @ 4:50am
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AWP Double Doors Training

-= Training by crashz =-
- Improve your reaction time with the AWP.
- 3 Difficulties: Easy | Medium | Hard
- You can change some settings yourself!
- You must join Terrorists!

Latest Updates:
Version 1.07
• Fixes
Version 1.06
• Now you can see if you hit someone (turn Show Impacts on!)
• Removed Meme
Version 1.05
• New mode: Realistic!!!
• Added weapon: M4A1-S
• Kevlar+Helmet works now!
• Added ambient sound like in dust2
• Fixed some bugs
• All buttons are shootable now!
• Added hints !
Version 1.04
• 100% Optimized!
• Added "wallhack" option!
• Changed textures
• Fixed teleport destinations
Check out changelog for more!

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Aug 13 @ 1:57am
Русские, как вам?
Aug 13 @ 1:50pm
PINNED: Request map areas for practise here!
Aug 29 @ 1:54am
Stuck in white box??
< >
-Мс.НадеЖда- Sep 19 @ 6:00am 
SINESTRO Sep 12 @ 4:09am 
i cant join t side :(
LosèpRõyâ | Sep 8 @ 9:35am 
ı cant understand this map
Temmie Aug 29 @ 7:10am 
Hey crashz, love the maps you make, but could you add the option to make the doors not dissapear after you shoot them? (practising auto, if you can hit 2-3 shots thru it, you either get the kill or B is takeable with glocks)
DreaMyJK Jul 30 @ 12:23pm 
write on my profile I will write back with +rep or the same as you did!

+rep good and fast trader
+rep friendly
+rep good m8
+rep good player
+rep great aim
+rep that ACE man o_O
+rep Clutchmeister
Dielley Jul 23 @ 2:16am 
why i cant join to terrorists
n0rBeast di Ghetto Jul 21 @ 8:01am 
RUS: Выберите что то одно из этого списка и напишите в моём профиле, отвечу тем же!
ENG: Choose the one that's on the list and write in my profile, I will answer the same!
GER: Such dir eine Sache aus der Liste aus und schreib es unter mein Profil und ich mache es auch bei dir!
LIT: Pasirink viena is saraso ir parasyk ant mano profilio, As parasysiu taip pat!
PL: Wybierz jeden z komentarzy ponizej i zamiesc w moim profilu, odwdziecze sie tym samym !
-rep HACKER!!!
-rep hax
-rep Aimbot+ wh
-rep cheater
-rep Cheats
-rep using cheats
-rep waller+aimbot
-rep best hack lol
-rep fucking hacker
-rep omg fucking hack only headshot
-rep enjoy your vac
-rep trigger bot
-rep fuck you hacker
-rep 23 headshot with scout
-rep noob hack enjoy your vac
+rep good and fast trader
+rep friendly
+rep good m8
+rep good player
+rep great aim
+rep that ACE man o_O
+rep Clutchmeister
Filthy Japanophile Jul 19 @ 4:30pm 
Hey can you add the SSG Scout Walmart Awp
☜☆Alexander™☆☞ Jul 18 @ 5:05pm 
nice map
Malcom McCormick Jul 13 @ 9:10pm 
mp_humanteam t for everyone that cant join t :)