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Luscious Faces - Photo realistic female faces
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Apr 27, 2012 @ 5:20pm
May 17, 2012 @ 4:46am
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Luscious Faces - Photo realistic female faces

Improves the default female face texture from high resolution photo images to add much more detail. Compatible with Default, CBBE and UNP bodies.

NOTE: An updated and improved version is available at

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Change Log:

Next (Maybe):

- Photo realistic female body texture (CBBE and UNP)
- Photo realistic male faces
- High makeup variant as an option
- Better ears and hairline
- Exact match (no seam at all) to CBBE and UNP bodies


[17-05-12] 1.8
- Add an option for better UNP compatibility.
- Better look on shaved head.
- Minor improvements to ears.
- Fix tanline between top of face and bald head.

[14-05-12] 1.7
- More photo realism on cheeks and nose
- Fix eyebrows
- Fix wrinkly bretons and other races
- Remove XCE normal maps
- More photo realistic nose
- Improve roughness on cheeks
- Make the eyebrow makeup a little less
- Improve roughness near neck seam
[01-05-12] 1.6 Fixed navetsea skin incompatibility.
[29-04-12] 1.5 Replaced my female face normal maps with the equivalents from XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement version 1.13 by Xenius. With permission from Xenius.
[28-04-12] 1.4 Added my own face normal maps for Default, Breton, Imperial and Redguard races. Created from base face normal map (msn) via Photoshop.
[27-04-12] 1.3 Fix some lipstick smearing on hi-res lo-makeup version.
[26-04-12] 1.2 Initial version of hi res low makeup version. Still a work in progress.
[25-04-12] 1.1 Corrected smeared eyebrows. More definition on nostrils.
[25-04-12] 1.0 Initial release. Low res version with high makup.


You must get permission from me before you modify, include or upload elsewhere.


XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement by Xenius. Includes XCE female face related normal maps for version 1.6.
Bethesda for the base texture.
Credit to the Blender team for creating a great tool.
Also thanks to all the too-many-to-mention modders who provided inspiration. Thanks to the Nexus team.
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jjay0911 Jul 16 @ 1:39pm 
LOOOOVE!!!! I cant believe what a difference this mod makes. Awesome
Prymada Jul 14 @ 3:21pm 
is there the same thing but for males.... p.s this mod is well done :} 8.5/10
kyryrn Jul 2 @ 10:25pm 
could you Please make long hair for men! like male elves as I'm trying to make legolas from Lord of the rings. could you also make prettier faces for Male elves to?
владек топский Jun 23 @ 2:55am 
А у мужиков это работает?
dave.palmer10 Jun 1 @ 6:44am 
Is there a similar mod for males that you can make please? As I don't have any access to the nexus and my males are in serious need of a new face.
horsewhisperer2 Apr 23 @ 8:52pm 
I rate this mod a 12, and with my 41/2 years experance on this game, BLEH or what you are or from your big smart ass and know noyhing of the game, so why the bull s-------t, want to say something nice, good, if not don,t say anything about the mod , got it, good have anice day where ever you are.
Yep, That's right Mar 27 @ 7:30pm 
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Cynical Blaze Mar 27 @ 2:12pm 
It does, and makes faces so much better! I rate this mod 9/10
Cynical Blaze Mar 26 @ 11:52am 
Lets hope this fixes the mesh line on the neck when using CBBE.
Lex the magic Dragon Mar 22 @ 8:32pm 
These are exsquisite! On a scale of 1-10, how ready are you to apply your talents to making refined male faces?