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Lili: Child of Geos

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Lili: Child of Geos: A Reference Guide
By M. Doucet
Learn the finer gameplay mechanics of Lili, view maps, and get gameplay tips. Such achievement. Very Geos.

Lili: Child of Geos is a game about exploring, meeting new friends, and enjoying the nuances of Geos. If this is your first time playing, note that this guide may take away some of the game's magic and could affect your enjoyment, so read ahead with caution.

Gameplay and achievement tips, strategies, and full maps are provided below for your convenience.

If you're here because you are an achievement hunter, note that it will require at least 1½ playthroughs to complete all achievements.
Tips & Tricks
Some of these tips may be obvious to some players, but I'm including some very generalized tips here just in case. Have your own tips? Share them in the comments!

Tips & Tricks
  • Double-clicking or double-tapping the "Use" key will make you auto-run.
  • Save up money for a skeleton key and buy it as soon as you are able.
  • The skeleton key has infinite uses and will completely replace the need for keys.
  • Flowers have no purpose except for buying keys and playing the gambling mini-game. You can use them to make fast cash through gambling, or exchange them for money at the shop.
  • You will still be able to complete the game if you choose the option to leave Geos by returning to the boat midway through the game.
  • You can defeat all spirits on any difficulty without using items. The items only make the process easier, though the game implies that they are required.
  • You can earn 3-Star Ratings on all spirits in all difficulties by only collecting the white flowers if you do not make any mistakes. You may need to pick up bombs or other items to keep your time up, but your 3-Star Rating is not dependent on it.
  • After completing the game, you will be able to continue exploring and unlocking achievements.
  • Looking for costumes or other unlockables? There's a fantastic guide here!

Undocumented Controls:
  • F11: Toggles fullscreen.
  • Delete: Set camera to default.
  • Home/End: First-person camera.
  • PgUp: Stop camera tracking.
Defeating Spirits
Though initially daunting, everyone should be able to defeat each of the 50 spirits in the game on any difficulty.

The first thing that you should be aware of is the generous time limit. Even without adding stat points in Grip, you will have more than enough time to play through each round carefully. You are awarded bonus time for consecutive pickups (combos) in multiples of 4, and for completing each round. You will lose time for touching a thorn, and will break combos by clicking and releasing without picking something up.

This last point is particularly relevant to success on these challenges. It is only by clicking and releasing that missed clicks are penalized. This means that if you miss your target, by simply holding the mouse button down you can try again, so long as you haven't clicked on a thorn.

To reiterate:
  • Press and hold down the left mouse button
  • Move your cursor over the item you want to pick up
  • Drag the item upward and away from the spirit
  • Release the mouse button and repeat

Be careful not to "drag" over thorns. During the bomb rounds, don't panic and use the same method to easily remove the bombs. You'll have more time to complete the round than you think. Once you get this method worked out, you will be able to defeat the spirits on all difficulties without issue.

3-Star Ratings
You can get 3-Star Ratings in all difficulties by focusing only on the white flowers. You will only lose points for missing or clicking on thorns. Time is not a factor in your score, and you can still achieve 3-Star Ratings on all difficulties with one second left on the clock if you haven't made any other mistakes.

If you're really struggling with getting 3-Star Ratings, just focus on completing the rest of the game content and come back to this later. Invest any extra skill points in "Grip" which will give you more than enough extra time to work through it slowly. Remember, don't panic and take your time!
Stats & Gear
The single stat that will make the game easier for you is Speed. Speed will be more beneficial than Stealth and using the advice from the section above will negate the need for Grip. Extra Grip will help with higher difficulties which require more flowers to be collected, so if you're playing on the hardest difficulty you may want to focus on Grip first and Speed second.

Note that you cannot max all stats on a single playthrough. The above image represents the best you'll be able to do in a single save.

The gear upgrades provide marginal improvements to your base stats, but will not actually contribute any points toward them in your upgrade menu. Each piece of gear can be "upgraded" three times, and roughly provides an extra 5% boost for each tier, for a maximum of 15%.
It will take at least one and a half playthroughs to earn all achievements because you will not be able to max all stats in a single playthrough. When beginning your second playthrough, make sure and begin a new save (instead of replacing your first save) because the Vase Breaker and Flower achievement counts are only based on the current save.

This means that if you break 495 Vases on your first save, you will not earn the 500 Vases achievement after breaking 5 vases on your second save.

All other achievements should be relatively straightforward. Talking to every NPC will unlock all of the "Met X New Friends" achievements, and with the treasure map you'll be able to easily achieve "Found X Lore Items." There are slightly more NPCs and treasures than the maximum number required for each achievement, so there is some flexibility if you're worried you'll miss something.

Scared 500 Birds
The Scared 500 Birds achievement seems to be the one the fewest people have earned, but it isn't difficult to get! After receiving a quest in RustGrove to use a mask to scare away the birds from a poor construct's house, find the house but do not put on the mask.

There will be two groups of birds sitting on either side of the front door. Simply stand in front of the door between the groups and wait patiently. A dialogue will show up on your screen to tell you to try wearing the bird mask, but your presence will continue to scare the birds away all the while. After 10-15 minutes you should get this achievement.

You do not need to click on anything during this time, though you should keep the game window active for the achievement to register.

If you're having trouble finding this location, Steam user comp9 has shared a screenshot with the minimap.

If you've already completed the quest, Steam user Yolandi has you covered!
Originally posted by Yolandi:
If you enter Rust Grove via the west entry (so you're in the top left corner of the map) there will be a group of 5 birds to your right, and 4 birds to your left. Don't wear the mask, just run back and forth between the groups, waiting for them to fly back down to the ground before approaching again. Don't just stand on their spot with this method because they will fly away completely.

This isn't as fast as the quest way but if you have completed the quest this is the next best thing. Your achievement metre won't update very often, but they WILL count towards it. My achievement bar seemed to only update every 5 minutes or so.
Thanks for the tips!

Broke 1000 Vases
As mentioned above, this achievement will need to be earned within a single playthrough. You can take advantage of the game's item respawn mechanics to hasten progress.

The fastest way I've found to consistently find multiple vases to break toward this achievement is to use the Key Seller room between SerfSide and Splitwood. After clearing out the room, continue into Splitwood, turn left, and head straight toward the house as shown. Open the door and step inside briefly, then turn around and run back to the room with the vases. Repeat as many times as necessary.

Though not shown in this video, you can use a speed boost (default key: Shift) while running back and forth between the house to save time.

The only real trick to it is making sure that you fully enter the house as shown. Sometimes just opening the door is enough, but other times the vases don't respawn that way, so spend an extra second to enter the house just to be safe.

Beat Monty On Hard 5 times
This achievement regards the gambling minigame, and is not dependent on the overall game's difficulty setting ("hard" refers to the mini-game's difficulty). It is best attempted after beating the game, in "explorable" mode, when you have enough money to afford losing. You do not need to win consecutively, but again you will need to complete this in a single playthrough.

If in doubt, the best strategy is to pick the same cup each time; you will win 25% of the time.
Bugged Achievements
Unlocked All Doors
For many people, the Unlocked All Doors achievement doesn't trigger when it should, even when your personal stats show all doors have been unlocked. Thankfully, the Steam user Arngrím Fjallfoss has come up with a creative solution to this bug.

If you've completed the game and have not been able to unlock this achievement, Arngrím Fjallfoss has provided replacement configuration files on the Steam forums here. Download the copy of DefaultEngine.ini from the link provided in that post and, after backing up your own copy, use it to replace your old one. Then simply start the game, load your latest save, and eat Speed Sandwiches until the achievement pops.

If you'd like to make this change manually, this workaround basically replaces a non-working counter (unlocked doors) with a working counter (Speed Sandwiches) so that you can earn points toward your achievement.

To begin, make a backup of the file DefaultEngine.ini located in C:\Steam\steamapps\common\LiliApp\MazeGame\Config\ and then open the original with your text editor of choice. Search the file for the string: "AC_UnlockedAllDoors" and replace that entire line with the following string:
The next line should include the text "AC_UsedSpeedSandwiches5". Replace that entire line with the following:
Save the file, load your game, and start eating Speed Sandwiches. After you earn the achievement, don't forget to replace your modified .ini file with the backup you made at the start.

Special thanks to Arngrím Fjallfoss for permission to repost their solution.
World Overview



RustGrove Forest
The yellow dots indicate the location of nodes you need to find to lower the barriers. Purple V's indicate the various animal mask locations.

Mill Hill
All images in this guide contain content that is property of the publisher, BitMonster, Inc. Their inclusion here is for reference only, and does not imply the developer's affiliation with or endorsement of this guide or its contents. All images have been watermarked by M. Doucet, the author of this guide, and may not be re-used elsewhere on or outside of Steam without consent from the author.
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Yolandi Jul 13, 2016 @ 1:59am 
Thanks for the credit :)!
M. Doucet  [author] Jul 13, 2016 @ 12:33am 
@Yolandi - Thanks for the great tip! I added it to the Achievements section above for better visibility.
Yolandi Jul 12, 2016 @ 10:49pm 
Hi, I'd just like to share my bird farming spot. I had already completed the bird mask quest when I saw this guide, so I found a way to do this without running randomly around the map looking for birds.

If you enter Rust Grove via the west entry (so you're in the top left corner of the map) there will be a group of 5 birds to your right, and 4 birds to your left. Don't wear the mask, just run back and forth between the groups, waiting for them to fly back down to the ground before approaching again. Don't just stand on their spot with this method because they will fly away completely.

This isn't as fast as the quest way but if you have completed the quest this is the next best thing. Your achievement metre won't update very often, but they WILL count towards it. My achievement bar seemed to only update every 5 minutes or so.

Hope this helps someone!
Draken Apr 15, 2016 @ 6:53pm 
My bird counter seems to be stuck at 499...
Dear Virgo Jul 27, 2015 @ 2:47am 
I've been all over Splitwood and can't find the missing candy. Is it in a different quarter?
M. Doucet  [author] Mar 26, 2015 @ 4:38pm 
@comp9 - Thank you for catching the typo! I have fixed it and also included a link to your screenshot above. Thanks!
comp9 Mar 26, 2015 @ 8:57am 
One map above says "Rustrgrove Forest" is that extra "r" a typo? Here is a picture of that easy place to get bird scares, I included the mini-map to make finding it easier.
Storm_at_Sea Feb 6, 2015 @ 8:40am 
I see- might help to clarify the settings (minigame vs game's overall setting).
M. Doucet  [author] Feb 6, 2015 @ 8:29am 
@Storm_at_Sea - Thank you for following up. Just to clarify, I meant above that the achievement is not dependent on the overall game's difficulty setting (eg. "Hard mode"), and not the difficulty of the minigame. As you saw, you still need to beat the minigame on its hardest setting for the achievement to trigger.
Storm_at_Sea Feb 6, 2015 @ 7:59am 
Doesn't appear to be bugged, just beat him 5x on hard and it awarded. The difference in how I did it and you according to your description is I tried mine before finishing the game (just costs a few flowers each time), perhaps in the 'explore' mode you mentioned the difficulty doesn't matter anymore, but it did for me before that mode is available.