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Mind Dead
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 11 @ 3:19am

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Play as Max Cooper, an SSF agent whose journey to a deserted oil producing community with a group of scientists has led to an outbreak of infection back at their research facility.
Fight hard for survival with an array of weaponry at your disposal as you battle the hordes of fierce flesh eating infectees in this action horror game.

Key Game Features
- A third person survival horror action game with a great storyline.
- Earn points by killing zombies and rescuing survivors.
- Use earned points to purchase health packs, weapons and ammunition from the AGM terminal.
- Find keycards and passwords to unlock secured doors and terminals.
- Game saves automatically at every checkpoint.
- (Bonus) Play game in a survivor mode and try to beat your high score!.
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Jul 22 @ 8:13pm
Is bad
Optic DeRt
Jul 12 @ 3:04am
Jul 11 @ 7:48pm
nice gameeeee
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Yuanqing 8 hours ago 
Virgil Amenra 10 hours ago 
Zombies! +1 voted!
바부팅이 14 hours ago 
buy The Debut 16 Bundle
Shamat 15 hours ago 
Looks like Fade to Black!!! Really nice game. Voted.
danalyze 17 hours ago 
Voted and bought it through IndieRoyale's The Debut 16 Bundle.Best wishes!
Parallel Platypus 19 hours ago 
I bought the Indie Royale Bundle and voted no.
Charly 19 hours ago 
voted yes!!! :D
turned 21 hours ago 
syky_finisher 22 hours ago 
I let surprise me!
Y'know... the looks of the game and the blocky engine are actually not too bad.

Just the rest kinda sucks. Zombie shooters have been done to death.