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Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Jul 10 @ 6:22pm
Jul 10 @ 7:09pm

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Release date: Late 2014 - Early 2015
Fusion is an independent game in development stage, created by the group Maybe Someday which is composed of students of computer graphics.

A game that mixes elements of Runners for mobiles with third-person shooter and great graphics.
Takes place in a futuristic setting where the goal is to reach as quickly as possible to the end of the levels while dodging or destroying obstacles and enemies that get in your way.

The gameplay is focused on the separation of the blue and red energies where, To damage something, you use the opposite energy (enemies, obstacles) and to activate something you use the same (gates, switches).
There is also the Fusion mode, which gives the game's name, where the two energies gets merged and becomes purple, affecting both energies and becoming invulnerable for a limited time.

Made in Unreal Engine 4, fully programmed by Blueprints.


Fusion é um jogo independente em estágio de desenvolvimento, criado pelo grupo Maybe Someday que é composto por estudantes de computação gráfica.

Um jogo que mistura elementos de Runners pra dispositivos móveis com tiro em terceira pessoa e ótimos gráficos.
Se passa em um ambiente futurista onde o objetivo é chegar mais rapido possível ao fim das fases, enquanto desvia ou destrói os obstáculos e inimigos que fiquem no seu caminho.

A jogabilidade é focada na separação das energias azul e vermelha, onde, Para danificar algo, usa-se usar a energia contrária (inimigos, obstáculos) e para ativar algo usa-se a mesma (portões, alavancas).
Tambem existirá o modo Fusion, que dá nome ao jogo, onde as duas energias se fundirão tornando-se roxa, o jogador poderá afetar ambas as energias e ficará ivulnerável por um tempo limitado.

Feito na Unreal Engine 4, totalmente programado por Blueprints.
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dandr0id Aug 7 @ 3:43pm 
Seems like a great concept! I feel like it would benefit from a full on Tron like world instead though. the high tech nature of the character is just screaming for a high tech world. She looks like she should be dashing down a f-zero/wipe out track instead of an old warehouse. Keep up the great work!
♫TGC> The Gritty Coon Jul 30 @ 12:57pm 
Game seems interesting.
The level in the vid however... looks terrible. Same room over and over.

It could do with something big. I dunno, skate around a spaceship with a few corridors and large control rooms or maybe something like a large sci-fi city, including a few shortcuts. Or just a racing track or obstacle course...
I wonder what you'll come up with on that part.
Ne0Zero Jul 30 @ 8:12am 
PIRES Jul 28 @ 10:21am 
Boa sorte!
Ricardo Matos Jul 26 @ 9:20am 
Vote yes on Steam.
Nice Game.
Good luck. =)
STVR Jul 25 @ 12:55pm 
The opposing color concept isn't new, and while it could work here, it looks a bit rough in its present shape. Also, why are you sliding through a warehouse? Like, a very, very long warehouse?
diibertolini Jul 21 @ 4:41pm 
Eu joguei a versão teste deste jogo no evento #AnimeFriends aqui em São Paulo/SP ao lado do desenvolvedor do game e me imprecionei com o game, sinceramente eu compraria este game de boa!
Joker™ Jul 19 @ 2:53am 
Nelvis. Jul 18 @ 3:56pm 
Like the music!
MrSacrp95 Jul 18 @ 1:48pm 
Hmm Looks nice, but i honestly wouldntpay for it, unless is under $10