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Phases - new hardcore indie game for steam
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 10 @ 8:25am
Jul 23 @ 7:33pm

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DOWNLOAD: Extended remix of the trailer music!
Release date: August 2014

In Phases you have one life to live and it's your job to see how far you can take the ball on his brutally hard journey through 6 phases, 45 unique levels and into the depths of the procedurally generated Phase Zero (Seen at the end).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is development completed yet?
Yes, we just finished up!

What platforms will it be available on?
We're definitely doing Mac and PC. Verdict is still out for Linux. If we get enough request we will make it happen.

What language was this programmed in?
C++ using our custom engine.

Is it hard?
It's stupid hard!

Is it all action?
About 60% of the levels are skill based and 40% are puzzles. The final procedural section (which never ends) is mainly skill based and extremely hard.

How do you feel, on a personal level, about ray casting shadows?
Let's just say we named our kids Ray and Casting. (Ray got the good end of that deal)

What languages will Phases be released in
English to start with, but there are like 5 words in the game, so other countries after launch!

How much will this cost?
We haven't finalized pricing, but it won't be much. Under $5 for sure :)
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GizzyDizzie 7 hours ago 
great idea very original you should port it to android when possible
Maark 9 hours ago 
Great idea and looks nice
Alx 10 hours ago 
Looks really nice!
UNDEAD 11 hours ago 
Неоригинально, но поиграть хочеться =)
sweeg 12 hours ago 
конечно да,выйдет неплохая аркада ,про которою все когда нибуть забудут.
Progfox 15 hours ago 
I would play this, buuuuut I've heard that song before; same old inspirational chord sequence.
arho 15 hours ago 
Looks like Thomas Was Alone. I liked that game... upvoted.
CaphallO 17 hours ago 
yeay a new indie plattformer that looks answesome. i will buy it
The planned release date is supposed to be this month, can they do it and get enough votes at the same time? Please vote guys.
prefect ! good luck m8