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Games of Glory
Category: Co-op
Platforms: PC, Mac
Players: Multi-player
Jul 22 @ 5:41am
Aug 25 @ 9:40am

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Games of Glory Reveals Its Arsenal
  • The Cinetic Dual Barrel 10 (CDB10):Extremely powerful, to the point of repelling foes several meters away, this sawed-off shotgun is the perfect ally for pushing the enemy toward traps, or even to stop the progression of a nosy player who has cometoo close to your base…
  • The LAWBringer MK I: This rocket-launcher brings some serious power to a fight, starting with its longer range and the area of effect -damages caused by the explosion of its missiles. Ideal for an ambush or a team assault, the LAWBringer MK I will seriously make a dent in both the health and the morale of its opponents.
  • Irisium Claws: These sharp blades possess such power and speed that they compensate for the risks taken by engaging close-combat. In addition to harming the enemy without a chance for quick regeneration, the Irisium Claws cause bleeding that deals continuous damage over time, ideal to finish off a fleeing enemy.

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Two More Clones Unveiled!
Saga, the Biomechanical Warrior

Since childhoold, Saga has shown a strong predisposition towards combat. But, during one of her first battles, her steel mentality became a double-edged sword. Enraged, unwilling to be vanquished, she found herself on the verge of death by the end of the battle. Rebuilt thanks to the Synarchy’s technologies, now, she finally possesses a body capable of matching her iron will.


Thror, the Proud K'ellor

Skilled with a trigger and all forms of energy, Thror was the ideal candidate to be named a member of the Synarch’s personal guard. Hailing from a modest clan, he takes great pride in his role, and looks forward to augmenting the prestige of his clan by accumulating victories in the arena.


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Release date: Spring 2015

Become a powerful Clone handler in the Games of Glory and take part in epic battles in the Synarchy’s arenas. Its future will be determined by your victories.

In Games of Glory we are mixing the tactics, team play and focus on unique Clones from MOBA-style games with Hack & Slash controls and the intense action and free aiming of shooters. The arena battles take place in a persistent Science Fiction universe, which evolves depending on who wins and loses in the arena. Games of Glory incorporates eSports as part of the setting, with players being able to join and create clubs, and choose different roles like star player or coach. ESports is at the heart of this experience and we hope to make it accessible to everyone! Remember if you like this game tell your friends to vote for it!

Games of Glory offers:
  • A persistent sci-fi universe that develops according to what the community does
  • Action-oriented combat mechanics that provide real-time targeting control
  • Gameplay designed for strategy and teamwork
  • A free weapons system where weapons can be swapped in the heat of battle
  • A multitude of equipment combinations so you can customize the appearance of your Clones
  • A complete eSport ecosystem tied to the in-game world, where players manage their own clubs and can take on roles such as: star-player, tournament organizer, club president, coach or team manager
...and lots more!

The Games of Glory are the gladiator games of the Synarchy, the intergalactic empire controlled by the seemingly all-powerful Synarch. The Synarch imposes peace over all in his dominion, and protects them from the Exoi. The Games of Glory serve as an outlet for citizens to blow off steam as well as a medium to resolve large-scale disputes. The winners gain fame and money, as well as political influence.

From victory comes power; take part in the combat and win the hearts of the crowd!

Are you up to the challenge?
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Linux/SteamOS Version
=NoCry= Linux
Aug 29 @ 2:41pm
Good game
Jul 22 @ 8:07am
I have already registered for the beta of the game I really liked this game; D
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bandera.roja Sep 13 @ 11:13pm 
неплохая графика, интересные зрелищные бои, разнообразные персонажи
JazzyJet Sep 13 @ 4:21pm 
I know that voice.....
yungtachey Sep 12 @ 7:36am 
Star Lord Sep 10 @ 9:24pm 
I'll wait for this game look in my game will be good and everyone will want to play it.Voted
TheStorey™ Sep 10 @ 2:28pm 
good game! Voted.
PvtBunny Sep 10 @ 9:01am 
Nice. Voted
Priska Sep 10 @ 4:00am 
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░ Valve Add This ░░░█
▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░░░░█
Ba Dum Tss Sep 9 @ 1:37pm 
Nice game, voted
maks-nazarov-2000 Sep 6 @ 6:05am 
Выглядит так Нечо)
Smoke Weed Everyday Sep 5 @ 3:28pm 
Next LOL and Dota? lets find out. Voted Yes. Rating:8/10