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John Mad Run

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Release date: Q3 2014

John Mad Run is the FREE (completely free without any microtransactions) prequel to the already greenlit game, Joan Mad Run. It includes a new character and a few new exclusive levels, available in John Mad Run only. It has been made for the fans of Joan Mad Run to give them a pre-early-access to taste the game a bit and to help us test and polish the final full game.

Thanks a lot for supporting both of our games Joan Mad Run and John Mad Run here on Steam. We really appreciate your suggestions and comments that did bring lot of new ideas, features and content into it. We’ll be even more happy if you help us bring John Mad Run to Steam as well, if you will suggest us even more features and/or help us to bring more suggested by you features into life by supporting the project on Kickstarter.

The FREE game, John Mad Run will be updated along with the development and the updates of Joan Mad Run, bringing new features and more content - also John is set to be released a bit earlier than the Joan.

About the game

John knows far too much to be left alive. So they are coming for him. But what they don't know is that he's not easy meat. Join John in his fight to the death. Unlock the insanely powerful laser to eliminate dozens of enemies at a time. Feel the absolute might of a sword - the weapon that never jams, never has to be reloaded and is always ready. Train your dexterity, avoid deadly traps and rend your enemies into bloody pieces.

Features of the full game
  • single-player / multi-platform co-op multiplayer
  • speedy breakneck gameplay with brutal boss battles and hardcore soundtrack
  • two or more customizable characters
  • pet companions
  • dozens of meticulously designed weapons – from shotgun and katana to monomolecular wire and satanic pighead-gun
  • exquisite and spectacular death effects: cut, explode, burn, freeze, melt, incinerate, squeeze, send to hell and use even more unique torture methods
  • weapon crafting workbench that will allow to create stunning weapon combos
  • plethora of atmospheric locations with over 50 callous enemies to test your limits
  • dynamic environments with shader-based light and particle effects
  • lots of secrets to unveil - secret levels/rooms/corridors, unique items and easter eggs
  • procedurally generated levels
  • supports many game controllers
  • use your mobile phone as a wireless controller over WiFi
  • natively stream game video and audio to compatible TVs and media centers over network
  • play on desktop and on the go on PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android (progress synced across your computers and devices)
  • will support all US/EU/AP major languages (and yours if you help us translate)
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g0urra 8 hours ago 
So exactly like the John Mad Run you released on the App Store?
TuMbl4 14 hours ago 
Возвращение старого жанра, так держать!
jeet 20 hours ago 
DueskallMS Jul 22 @ 1:18pm 
Another failed attempt of an Mobile game.
AmpuanAomi Jul 22 @ 1:15am 
this is awesome
Bimo Jul 21 @ 11:46pm 
I'm waiting for this :3
bledking Jul 21 @ 7:17pm 
Ouh la la, "old school" skin over one of these fucking dumb iPhone type rail shooters. I'm glad this game failed spectacularly. Fuck you for trying to make money with this garbage. And a real waste because there's actually talent behind this art.
elayxxx Jul 21 @ 10:04am 
Yes because its not a P2W!
Mr_Kotick Jul 21 @ 9:22am 
Интересно как будет реализован Co-op и мультиплеер, а так неплохой раннер
batontozavr Jul 20 @ 6:50am 
I like it.
bloody indie shooter)