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Destruction Paper

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Release date: Late 2014, early 2015
Destruction Paper is an old school hardcore run and gun shooter in a world made of construction, or should I say, Destruction Paper. It features 6 levels of local co-op mayhem, (currently supports 2 players, but that could increase just like the level count) 5 difficulty levels, crazy bosses, a combo scoring system, 5 weapons (could also increase), and enemies everywhere.
The game began as means of teaching my younger sister about computer programming, and she recently started working with me on the programming. The visuals aren't finished and are mostly my construction paper models, they will be replaced by my brothers models and other arts and crafts created by my sister. The first boss will be replaced with a clay model for example.
The music is being completely replaced as well as are many of the sound effects.
Check out my blog for more information about it.

Game's instruction will be completely pictorial (made of construction paper no less) and it is completely free of text after the start up screen so the game will be in all language as the amount of translation necessary will be minimal.

a 60 fps game play video and a playable demo are available on the blog.

control layout is currently
1 player
A shoots
S jumps
D locks aim
Cursor keys move
2 player
V shoots
B Jumps,
N locks aim
JKLI more

it should support any xbox controller.

System requirements should be rather low, The game is being developed on a Surface pro and it runs at 60 fps without a problem. The ram used resides around 200 MB.

All art and music is being overhauled, the foreground, and background layers are indicative of the final visuals. The music will have a papery sound to it.

First pass at a clay first boss, it will be reworked, but that is the general idea of how the art is going to change
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Sundance Kid Jul 22 @ 8:42pm 
Aw man my game looks like turd. Wait, what if i can just center is around paper!
The paper style game can be done right and this isn't right. This is literally ms paint standard.
우버소년 메딕 Jul 21 @ 4:45am 
Marko Jul 20 @ 3:47am 
I think this cool game I would have bought it
SciFiGuy Jul 17 @ 10:07am 
Greenlight needs to have standards....
Ninjacatfish55 Jul 17 @ 3:44am 
THE F*** This was done in MSP? Dude please go think and dicide wether yoor gonna make a real game!
Алый Орел Jul 16 @ 9:32am 
Tycho Irion Jul 15 @ 6:23pm 
Who in their right mind donated to this pathetic excuse for a video game? I felt ashamed while watching that horrible gameplay video, but someone actually donated real money to this?
Ghast Hunter Jul 15 @ 9:23am 
5k funding -- for this?? Sorry, but no. It needs alot more to make it less offensive to the eyes.
TheRealMrCreeper Jul 15 @ 8:34am