The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Sheogorath's Strange New World... or Something
Get out your cheese wheels boys and girls we are going on an adventure!
Items (40)
Cheesify Shout - People into Cheese
Created by Drokiconix
A shout that turns people into cheese wheels of either type (6 to 30 default). To get the shout, go to Whiterun and "activate" the lower cheese wheel on the stall in the market. Aim at someone and use the shout to turn them into a cheese. WARNING, they wil...
Crimes against Nature 5.1.1
Created by FancyPants
Crimes against Nature 5.1.1

Includes a bunch of races, powers, and summons.
Nexus Download[]
Nexus Download -...
Extra Follower (Goatfrey)
Created by (Strai)
Goatfrey by Strai | Primary Features:
+ Can be added to your party without replacing any of your current followers
+ Doesn't affect your stealth meter
+ Can carry up to 100 weight of items for you
+ Follows anywhere your adventures may lead
+ Cannot ...
Mad Merchant Mod v1.15
Created by Weiglgasse
The Ambassador from the Shivering Isles is staying at the Drunken Huntsman.

This Mod adds a merchant NPC to the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.
He sells a number of high quality import items from the Isles.
Some of them have their use, some of them are ...
Mammoth Chickens
Created by DangGiblets
This simple mod turns all giants into chicken shepards. It is a silly mod, so if that's not for you then don't even bother. The mod replaces sound effects and animations, but due to the way Skyrim assigns the names, they are still named mammoths.

This ...
Micro Mammoths
Created by DangGiblets
This is a silly mod that replaces chickens with miniature mammoths. It is designed to compliment my other mod Mammoth Chickens, which replaces the mammoths with gigantic chickens.

That mod can be found here
No Spiders - 'piderMan 'dition 2.1
Created by FancyPants
No Spiders - 'piderMan 'dition 2.1

This is a model, texture, and sound replacer for all spiders in Skyrim. For those who are arachnophobic, or just want to try something a little weird.

New in 2.0: Dragonborn supported, but no...
Play as sheogorath!
Created by Arcus
yup thats right! the cheesy prince of madness himself
is now playable! he is a nord preset so just start a new
game and choose him under nords.
Posh Mudcrabs
Created by Manic Zombie
Replaces the models of all mudcrabs in the game with a mudcrab with a top hat and monocle....
Potato Arrows
Created by Enos Shenk
Adds potato arrows and explosive potato arrows. Only sissies fire arrows, true dovahkiin fire potatoes.

Look for your crop of devastating war-tubers in a coffin near the smelter in Whiterun.

Why? Because nothing stops a potato moving at 400 feet p...
Project P.E.W.
Created by birgirpall
This mod replaces bow firing sounds with "PEW". I take no responsibility for your sanity, install at your own risk....
Rabbit Rage
Created by IAmPattyJack
This mod makes all the rabbits in the game extremely hostile, and gives them dremora scripting. Think "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". That's essentially what this mod is based on!

This version currently only makes them hostile, and edits their scrip...
Tiny Angry Trolls
Created by 𝑲
Summon up to 30 crazy miniature trolls whose sole purpose in life is to distract your enemies.

The Sanguine Trolls staff, a long-forgotten and mystical artifact that comes complete with instruction book, has been found and lies on the table with the big...
Uncle Sheogorath's Really Helpful Hints and Tips.
Created by tumbleworld
Everything you need to know about Skyrim and the other lands of Nirn, available to you right here in a handy little pill.

Sorry about the lilac coating. I was out of Bosmer. But lilacs almost taste the same, if you cross your eyes first....
Unlimited Enchantments
Created by hawkeyea32
Ever wished you could apply more enchantments to a weapon. Well now you can with Abundant Enchantments. This mod replaces the extra effect perk with abundant enchantments perk which allows you to put an unlimited amount of enchantments on an item.

Created by Stew
This adds a trololol Mask to skyrim.

Find this at the alchemist shack, there is a second barrel that will have the mask, it is wearth 2000 and has 20 protection and is light armour.
It has no enchantments.

I am planning on making a full body armour ...
Moon Majora Masser
Masser (big moon) replacement.
This mod replaces the big moon (Masser) with the Majora Moon.

Compared to the original, the texture size is higher (1024 instead of 512).

I hope you like it....
Domino's Mudcrab Merchant
Created by TormentedLollies
What this mod does:

This mod currently adds two NPCs with 10k gold to buy your stuff: The Mudcrab Merchant outside of Riverwood in the middle of the river named "Mudcrab" and in Markarth's Silver-Blood Inn, in the first room on the right, a Dwarven Spid...
Sheogorath's Madpack
Created by demi
Adds 5 new items of Sheogorath's to The Pelagius Wing of The Blue Palace in Solitude.

The items look similar to mundane items, so may not stick out. You will need to finish Sheogorath's Quest to find the last 3.

Yes, the Ring of Disrobing does have ...
Cheese Flinging Spell
Created by a newborn bunny
Hit your worst enemies in the most insulting way possible... with cheese!

Just adds a silly little spell that lets you shoot wheels of cheese out of your hands. Tome obtainable in the Pelagius wing near the Shoegorath warp area, next to some burnt books...
Gummy Bears
Created by Dragonbane
Attempt to make the bears of Skyrim look like gummy bears.There are red,green,and yellow ones....
The Singing Foxes of Skyrim
Created by Apocosausage
This mod changes all foxs sounds to the mysterious fox sounds form Ylvis - What does the fox say? (The Fox) I do not own the song, and this does not include the instrumental but just the vocals of the song, enjoy, feedback would be appreciated, Thank you...
Mister Mudcrab, the ultimate companion!
Created by schmaloo,
You, a worshipper of Talos, regularly pray for his guidance in battle. Talos gave you a mudcrab.

This mod adds a new animal follower, Mister Mudcrab, to the temple of Talos. This mudcrab has a known habit of eating children, and will attack anyone as lo...
Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1
To celebrate the opening of the Steam Workshop for Skyrim, Valve and Bethesda have teamed up to bring you the Portal 2 Space Core mod, which will let the aggressively space-centric little robot tag along on your adventures in Tamriel.

Also, since Skyrim...
Heavy's OmNom
This is yet another Food Item sound mod which changes the eating sound into the "NOM" sound from Team Fortress 2...
Tails(from Sonic) over Wolf
Created by Dafini
This mod will replace all of the Wolf models with Tails on his fours.

Also should note that Tails IS actually my favorite characer of Sonic and Other... I am a fanboy of him, I just put him in practically every game that is moddable.

I might be obses...
Funny Arrows
Created by markorply
Adds several arrows to the game with other ingame models
-Adds Sweetroll arrow
-Adds Pie arrow
-Adds Barrel arrow
-Adds Chicken arrow
-Adds Iron Greatsword arrow
-Adds Cabbage arrow
More arrows to come
-Arrow model is on ground when pulled i...
Marked Incompatible ]  Dexter: Surprise MuthaF*cka Sneak Attack (Download in description)
My mod has become incompatible in the Steam Workshop apparently. Since I have zero idea on how this happened or how to fix this, the only solution I have for you guys is to download directly from Nexus Mods below until I can fix this.

Big ...
Created by Gas Frost
Replaces the Gold septim with a more suitable texture....
The Potadagger™
Created by Suid
So I saw some mods put up for the sole purpose of being really useless and found that kind of hilarious and wanted to get in on the fun. I spent a few seconds shoving the potato and iron dagger mesh together to make… This and I...
Created by Suid
***Save Before Installing***
Some people started suggesting some ideas for mods I decided to make a weird thing someone suggested once every week or so. Please note that this is for the sole purpose of being funny, so please don’t crucify me if you think ...
Sweetroll Mace™
Created by Suid
Presenting the Sweetroll Mace! Yup, it’s a sweetroll on the end of a mace. I was actually looking forward to releasing this one. Now after this the list gets a bit wonky because I started making mods based off of how easy they sounded rather than the order...
CheeseSword Collection
Created by Suid
Sorry for the late upload, I kinda didn't have internet for the last week.
Non the less I present this week's mod, the CheeseSword Collection!
Like alwase, just shove the things onto the forge and you are good.
Suggester by: CEREAL!!!
Again, the ad is ...
Crab People
Created by Dafini
Crab People are now Playable! And come with a mighty unarmed punch.

That and the passive ability to give people crabs on weapon contact.

Choose from the Player Race Selector, or via console in showracemenu like I do....
Monster Mounts (Montures Monstres) 2.6.6
Created by gg77
The 87 mounts are in the Whiterun area (near the Whiterun stables and the Honningbrew Meadery)

No DLC required !

Thanks to Testiger2 and XP32 for the Sabrecat Idle Animation Fix [] ("Permission : F...
Dark Souls - Havel The Rock - Armor Set - Weapons
Created by lagrie
Adds :
- Havels armor
- Havels Boots
- Havels Gloves
- Havels Helmet
- Havels Greatshield
- Dragon Tooth 1h weapon

- Havel the Rock NPC
- H...
TES Prometheus
Created by lagrie
- small UPDATE
Changed tempel to temple...

- Engineer Helmet
- Engineer Gloves
- Engineer ...
Gandalf The Grey
Created by Destero
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  1. Description
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  3. What you need
  4. Optional
  5. My other Mods
  6. Thanks and Credits
  7. Bugs or Problems
  8. Permissionnotes

Just Do It! Shout Replacer
Created by LaserLemons
Replaced Fus-Ro-Dah with Just-Do-It from Shia Labeouf's motivational speech.

Credits to /u/Cuchulain1803 on reddit for the idea, /u/mightykimchee for help with editing the sound files, and everyone on the reddit post for the positive comments.

Billy Madison scolds you for breaking lockpicks
Created by Rokenian

For you, Danny. <3

So, new update to the workshop. I don't have a good feeling about it. My mods'll remain free. Ten minutes of work isn't worth charging for....
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Turbo Sexophonic Delight Jul 23, 2014 @ 8:59pm 
WARNING: Sheograth's Strange New World is not a suggested replacment for these popular recreational drugs:
Cocaine, weed, cocainium, fun, hero- uuuh I mean adrenaline, Mountain Dew, Double Dew, Diet Double Dew, or that stuff the medic puts in his medigun.