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Sterejip: Origins
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Jul 7 @ 3:19pm

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Major Feature Announcement #1: Combat
First gameplay video is up on YouTube
Sterejip: Origins is going to be a single player 2d RPG monster trainer style game, with a top down perspective. It will be turn based with elemental monsters, and it will draw some inspiration from previous games in the genre. It will have 4 main characters that you will be able to play as, 2 heros and 2 villains. In the intrest of releaseing the game as inexpensively as possible you will buy either the hero or villain story with the base game, or both versions with a digital deluxe version, or you can later on pick up the second story as a DLC style purchase. There will be a common launcher, and you will be able to pick the story version you want to play from the launcher.

There will be some online features as well, such as player duals, trading monsters, and a monster trading auction house. Item trading however is not expected to be a feature, and if monsters do have the ability to hold items then they will be removed and placed in the owner's inventory prior to trading or being placed on the auction house.

In an effort to make the game easier to balance and understand, all attacks will be treated the same. There is no intention for some attacks to be special, or magical, and others to be physical. In Sterejip all attacks are attacks. There will however be a special effect stat on the monsters which will affect critical hits, and special effects from attacks. When an attack hits it will have a chance to either be a critical hit, or apply a special effect such as paralyze, blind, sleep, . . . a critical hit or a special effect hit will preclude the other. IE if Flamemouse hits Aquadog for a critical with Flaming Kick, then Aquadog won't be burned. (Note these are not actual names of monsters or an attack it's just an exmaple)

There will be quite a bit of surprises mixed into the game, as well as rewards for completing goals. This is supposed to be the first game in a series of games, provided it is successful of course, and each game in the series will be fully compatible with every other game for monster trading. In other words if you catch a rare monster in game 1 and your friend has a rare monster in game 3, that isn't catchable in game 1, you can still trade with each other b/c when game 3 launches the monster database for both games will be the same. That means that when each new game launches the older games will receive an update to include the monsters that are introduced in that game.

This is not a MMO, you won't see other players in the game world, only the story NPCs, and your 3 rivals. Also don't expect the first 10 minutes of the game to be dramatically different in terms of story. As a matter of fact, the story is supposed to be larely the same, with small variations until at least 25-50% of the way through the game. The 2 different versions will however have some different monsters in them, and there will be some monsters that will also be what I am calling cross-over monsters. What that means is that if you are playing the hero version, and you also have the villain version installed, then you will get 25% of the monsters that would be otherwise exclusive to the villain story, and with the following generations, it will also apply, so that in the border regions of the maps, you will be able to catch some cross over monsters as well.

In order to keep the game entertaining and difficult, your character will progress in level right along with your monsters, but at a slightly slower pace. If you monster becomes higher level than you are, your monster will start to not respect you, and start to disobey you. There will also be a friendship level which will help to counter act that to some small degree, but you won't be able to raise it high enough to make monsters listen to you if they are far enough past you in level. Also the monster that you have neglected to level in favor of the other monsters will be weaker and won't be able to tackle the same challenges as your strong monsters. There will be an accuracy stat, as well as level based accuracy. A monster that is 5 levels higher than your monster will hit more frequently, and your monster will hit much less frequently, however as a side benefit you won't get to the end of Serejip: Origin and end up with monsters that are half way to level cap with only one or two areas that are worthy challenges for your monsters. Also battles against other players will grant experience points, to both the winner and to the loser as well, and by the same token when you lose a battle in the game, your monsters will also gain experience, less than from winning, but they will still gain experience.

Battles in Serejip will be significantly different from battles in other monster trainer games. There will not be one on one monster battles. You will be controlling up to 4 monsters in battle, and you will be able to specialize your monsters in either tanking, healing or DPS, and any monster will be able to perform any role. Yes you will be able to heal your monsters by spewing fire on them, also to encourage you to have a tank monster, healing will generate aggro 50% faster than damage, and it will generate aggro from all enemy monsters.

This will be a legitimate origin stroy game, you and your three rivals are the first wizards in the world of Serejip to be able to tame monsters, and thus you will not encounter any other monster trainers, other than your 3 rivals for a large part of the game. Also you will not have a lot of support in the game from centers and professors. You will however make some friends along the way, and they will give you access to certain things allowing you to have more monsters than just the 8 you take with you, and there will be a way to get them to breed as well making it so that you can customize your team.

There will be randomly generated stats for each monster, and it will be possible to max out these stats but that will be rare, and you won't be able to see these stats on your own until the end of the game when you are max level. However at about mid way through the game you will be able to travel to previously visited towns instantly, and about 75% of the way through the game you will meet a guy who will show you the hidden stats of your monsters.

I don't plan to stop there, but I did want to share some of my ideas with the Steam community in the hopes that I will get your support for this game. I don't expect that anyone will think that this is a 100% original idea, it's not. I have played other monster trainer games on portable platforms before, and I loved those games. However I do hope that this will be a unique enough persepective to get people to like it. I am an Indie developer, and I don't have a large team around me, as a matter of fact I don't really have anyone helping me at this time. I am however running a Kickstart campaing to get money to pay artists for their work. So please if this is an idea that you like, and you have some money that you can part with, please send some over my way, and pick up some cool rewards.

Also I do intend for the game to ship with a monster creator app, that will include a spritesheet template for you to create you own monsters within some set rules. I also intend to include Steam Workshop so that you can share your monsters online with the world. The most popular monsters can also be added to the base game, with the creator's permission and then they will be added to the credits in the game. Exceptions will obviously be made for monsters that infrigne upon other IPs. In otherwords if you try to upload a famous yellow mouse to Steam Workshop, it will not be added to the base game, and as Valve has demonstrated with CounterStrike: GO recently, you might get banned too.

There will not be a Season Pass or a series of DLCs for this title. The only way you will be asked to buy more once you purchase a copy is if you want the other story, and unlike other monster trainers it won't be the same story.
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Otawo  [author] 3 hours ago 
Yes it is some what similiar to Pokemon, but it is also going to be very different as well. Also all of the art in the video is PLACEHOLDER art. As I have said repeatedly in many places, I need help with the art department, and that was the point of the Kickstarter campaign. To get cash to pay artists to work on the art for the game.
[RC]M4rad3s 4 hours ago 
I'm sorry but I'm gonna say I DON'T want that game to be available on steam...not good graphics and this is like a Pokemon game.
Antioxidance Jul 29 @ 3:10pm 
10/10 would MS Paint.
STVR Jul 24 @ 5:35am 
There is a very high chance you've won the "ugliest game on Greenlight" award today.
Otawo  [author] Jul 23 @ 8:53pm 
@felix - I have made a few smaller games, but nothing this big. I am also working on a few apps to pay the bills until I can get this game out the door, and if I make enough off of those apps, then I probably won't be doing another Kickstarter project. I don't like my projects to be too easy. I also want to create a game that is fun and engaging, that people will want to play, and then later add even more things to the game.
Otawo  [author] Jul 23 @ 8:48pm 
With the exception of question number 8, all the questions which you posted have already been answered in my game doc, and the answers are not something that I am going to be sharing with the public at this time. How long the game will be will depend on a great many factors that have not been fully determined yet, and replayability is a bs metric as it is purely opinion based. I have greatly enjoyed replaying many games that other people did not, and I have disliked replaying many games that other people have liked. I can't tell you that everyone will replay any game 5 times, or 100 times. Heck I still like to play old Game Boy games which I have beaten too many times to count.
Otawo  [author] Jul 23 @ 8:47pm 
@Belisarius - I want to clear up some misconceptions that you have. I have not deleted any posts that could be considered constructive criticism, I have only deleted posts from trolls, and people who kept asking questions, and or making comments that I had already responded to from the same person.

The amount of preperation that I DID do was not evident in the video b/c I am NOT a very confident speaker. I have a speech impediment and I didn't mumble that is just the way I talk.
Belisarius Jul 23 @ 8:31pm 
Here are some vital questions your documents and video do not make clear:
1. What is the game's setting? Where is it? When is it? What's the climate?
2. What is my ultimate goal in this game?
3. As a monster tamer, WHO am I? To what degree am I creating rather than playing a character?
4. Is the story open-ended or linear?
5. What is the tone of the story?
6. You state that you're removing aspects of modern monster fighting games to make it "more complex and strategic." What do you mean by this, specifically?
7. Who are the antagonists? Who are the protagonists?
8. How long do you plan the game to be? How would you rate the replayability?
And more.
Belisarius Jul 23 @ 8:23pm 
You haven't come this far to leave your project sitting in a mud puddle on the floor. If you want to make a game, if you want to make a hit, if you want to be taken seriously, then take yourself seriously. Stop deleting comments. Stop silencing constructive criticism. Get in contact with your peers in the indie game making market and ask for their help. It's not a sign of shame or failure to realize you aren't a god and reach out to like-minded individuals for guidance. And you really need some.