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PING 1.5+
Genre: Casual, Puzzle, Arcade
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Spanish
Players: Single-player
Jul 7 @ 12:35am
Jul 7 @ 5:47pm

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Release date: As soon as greenlit. ;)
First 4 worlds automatically unlocked. Watch out for bugs. (Beta)

Arcade style remixed puzzle action! Everyone on the block is playing this game!

PING 1.5+ is a new arcade style puzzle game with the objective of shooting the cube and bouncing it off of corners to get through over 100 stages to reach the orange. The boss stages consist of a mini-game, all seemingly inspired by retro games from before the 90s. The concept is quite simple but it makes an addictive puzzler as you get to the later worlds where moving, invisible, breakable and other types of blocks and objects come into play. Get frustrated in trying to beat all of the stages; this game isn't for the weakhearted. PING 1.5+ mimics the retro days of gaming by having a notoriously hard difficulty curve.

PING is on a mission to save the world against the Spheres. Will he succeed? Only you can decide the world's fate with your "ultimate master super gaming" skills.

Game Features

• Over 100 levels
• Original soundtrack by Elkskin
• Retro 3D visuals
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XevRenoZiN Oct 19 @ 10:23am 
voted but please add a restart option
Ame Oct 11 @ 9:44am 
No, thanks to you for making this great title :D
NAMI TENTOU MUSHI  [author] Oct 11 @ 9:36am 
@Ame Thank you! :)
Ame Oct 7 @ 9:19am 
Voted! I tried this game on Desura, now I want to see it on Steam.
Rabit Oct 1 @ 11:59am 
freetochange Sep 30 @ 2:51pm 
mac Sep 30 @ 2:31pm 
Titus Lebronicus Aug 17 @ 10:58am 
Thank you
NAMI TENTOU MUSHI  [author] Aug 16 @ 10:59pm 
That's a very specific request Titus. We'll get in contact with Mike Myers promptly of course.
Titus Lebronicus Aug 16 @ 10:19am 
Please have the word SCWHING appear on screen and have Mike Myers doing the crotch schwing towards the screen whenever the player gets a powerup and wins the game