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Shadow Of Nebula
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jul 6 @ 2:30pm

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Release date: Early 2015
Shadow Of Nebula

Year 3102. Humanity has reached a level of technology that has allowed them to spread to the entire galaxy, the Milky Way. For the galactic government such a large populations was very difficult to control. They wanted to invent system that will control people more directly. In the far corners of Milky Way expedition of scientists got lost on its way home. What they found was something not made by human. The ship looks like an organic root. Aliens who lived on it, have been dead for a long time. It was hung in space and waited for its moment in time. Technology, tough not of this world.

There was a man who managed to decipher a large part of the technology left behind by the aliens. Genius, Alfred Nebula. He developed a specialized nanobots that knew human body perfectly and could heal it but also affect its moods and thoughts. Alfred was horrified by how much powerful his invention was and destroyed the results of his studies and prototypes of nanobots. However, he did not destroy everything.

Thirty years later, the danger is closer than ever. Mark, our hero, is the space courier. The game begins on his last mission. He was attacked by space pirates. Because of this, he must land on a planet called Venice Blue which should be abandoned. Now we can start to play. The first goal is to 'get out from this damn planet!'. At last he has discovered that somehow he is involved in a big intrigue which can threat and change the whole human race. It will change Mark, for sure.

Shadow Of Nebula have a mature and dynamic story line. Our goal is to give the game a soul, this unique feeling which makes that you cannot forget about the game. We definitely want to touch feelings... deep feelings. That's why we'll create dynamic and moving music for Shadow Of Nebula. The game does not run out of humour of course.

Key Features
  • Very deep, emotional story
  • Unique art style with hand-drawn details
  • Almost 100 beautiful backgrounds
  • Challenging puzzles and extensive dialogue trees
  • Interesting characters with background story
  • Cyberspace as a parallel world game
  • Optional knowledge of the game universe as a built-in Info Cube
  • Original soundtrack
  • All dialogues will be dubbed
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TheLentyai Aug 21 @ 11:31am 
sci-fi adventure... I would try it
GuS Aug 18 @ 2:37am 
maybe they can do it in multiple languages
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Sounds like the guy who did the voice for the main character in Gemini Rue.
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gaaf, ik zou er alleen geen geld aan uit willen geven.
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Good idei!
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This looks like and interesting concept.
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Good idei! Looks really good!
Black Shark Remake №2! Aug 5 @ 12:54am 
Voted yes, good game
jexblex Aug 3 @ 9:52am 
Good premise nice promo make the game cross platform viz Win Mac and Linux. BTW we as gamers dont want pre order nonsense and pay to play models that seem to be worming their way in to ruin the day. But keep up good work here I think you may be on to a really good story here.